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Con·Slut (kŏn-slŭt) n.

1. A regular attendee of fan conventions of either sex, particularly those concentrating on the subjects of science fiction, comics, gaming, or fantasy.

2. A regular fan convention attendee of either sex who is known to engage in acts of debauchery including but not limited to late night carousing, consumption of alcohol, and questionable liaisons.

Whether you are a partier or just someone who makes it to a con every year, yes, you are a ConSlut. We all are or else we wouldn’t be here!

I know there are a lot of us out there. For many of us, Cons are our yearly vacation. We see people we only get to see once or twice a year. We let our hair down in ways we’d never do at home. We work all year on our costumes.

So we created a site for us, the Con Sluts of the world!

In order for this site to be successful, we need to make sure we create what you want. In other words, your input here will basically help dictate the direction of the site. As it stands now, we’ll be offering community forums, image hosting so that you can share your con photos with friends, a video upload feature similar you that “Tube” site where you can share your goofy con videos, along with Con news and reviews.

We’re currently in the construction phases of the site, but feel free to look around, post photos, and post away in the forums now.

Thanks for visiting!

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