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24 Jun

No RX Valtrex

ConBox No RX Valtrex, *This article continues from a previous article. If you would like to read part one of this article, please click here!

It's about time to start packing or at least making some final plans on that front. Of course, 50mg Valtrex, I'm not talking about packing up your clothes and the like, 750mg Valtrex, but somewhere around 1-2 weeks out it's best to have your miscellaneous type stuff all but 100% accounted for. This includes costume stuff, kitchen-type things that the hotel doesn't provide (think bottle openers, 200mg Valtrex, corkscrews, 500mg Valtrex, etc.), and any other item you can think of that you might possibly need. Of course, you'll be taking some food with you (right?) but it's not really a good idea to pack that kind of stuff yet unless it's non-perishable things like peanut butter, small canned goods, drink mixers, or snack chips, No RX Valtrex.

I know what you're thinking, Valtrex uk. You're thinking, Valtrex us, "You want me to pack all of this stuff. Where. My suitcase?" No, 1000mg Valtrex, silly. I want you to pack it in your Con-Box No RX Valtrex, . Valtrex overseas, Wait. We haven't talked about that yet. Well, 150mg Valtrex, now is as good of a time as any. Valtrex coupon, (article continues after cut...)

The Con-Box may be the single most important piece of equipment any self-respecting Con Slut will have. It's kind of like the much heralded towel in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, No RX Valtrex. It's that important.

Your Con-Box should be some sort of hard, 40mg Valtrex, plastic (or even rubber type) box with a locking lid. 100mg Valtrex, The one I've used for somewhere around 7 or 8 cons is 18" in length, 14" wide and 9" tall. So far, 250mg Valtrex, it has carried all of the miscellaneous things I've needed to carry with me to a convention including things like bread, 30mg Valtrex, snacks, small costume parts, plastic silverware, 20mg Valtrex, paper plates, Valtrex ebay, paper towels, and all manner of other stuff. No RX Valtrex, Now granted, this is only really practical if you are traveling by car or if you have your own collapsible, rolling cart kind of thing to wheel luggage around on. But you get the point, Valtrex paypal. Either way, Valtrex japan, the Con-Box is great because with the exception of food type items, you basically never have to unpack the thing and its there, ready to go to con at the drop of a hat, Valtrex usa.

Here are a few things I think every Con-Box should contain:

  • Batteries (at least a couple of all the major ones)

  • Disposable silverware, Valtrex australia, plates, straws, etc.

  • 32oz or 44oz opaque, Valtrex craiglist, insulated cup w/ lid (we'll talk more about this later)

  • Multi-tool

  • Bottle opener, Valtrex mexico, can opener, corkscrew

  • A few garbage bags

  • Drink Shaker (with measurement lines)

  • A few burned CD's full of music

  • Small umbrella

  • First Aid Kit (seriously)

  • Generic medicines for headaches, stomach problems, Valtrex canada, colds, Valtrex india, immune boosters

  • Wet wipes

Got all that. Good.

One other essential item that you'll want to make sure you have is some sort of small bag or backpack to carry with you at the convention itself, No RX Valtrex. It doesn't necessarily have to stay in your Con-Box, but it is necessary to take with you. As you walk around during the day, you're bound to pick up all manner of things from samples, handbills, and party invites to whatever merchandise you've purchased or a bottle of water. It's always good to have a bottle of water (or rum) or two with you. Another thing that's essential to have on you at all times is a small pad of paper (or notebook) and a few pens. You'll find that you always need to write something down. It just makes everything easier if you have somewhere to put all this stuff.

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Scott "Scooter" McGowan.

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