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Fan Convention Tutorials for n00bs: Con Geek Archetypes (Where Do You Fit?) Pt. 4


Page Flippers (Comic Enthusiasts) – Along with Trekkies, Page Flippers are pretty much responsible for the con-scene as we know it. Many of the larger conventions still existence have major roots with comics and their fans. In fact, the most famous fan convention (and most covered by the media) in the United States is Comic-Con International in San Diego, CA.

Page Flippers are probably the most diverse group as it pertains to age if only because their history goes back further than any other group. Another contributor to this is the fact that there are always new, young, comic fans coming into the ranks. This is, of course, in contrast to other archectypes (Trekkies, for instance) that rarely see new blood.

Though you’ll find Page Flippers from both sexes, the largest part of the group is male. A typical uniform of the male page flipper will consist of Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars, blue jeans, and a t-shirt emblazoned with one of his or her favorite comic characters. Of course, this is generalized information, but it isn’t uncommon. (article continues…)

Hardly a sub-type, but worth mentioning, are the web comic fans you’ll find. Like Page-Flippers, they are quite dedicated to the art form and actively seek out their favorite artists for autographs and photo-ops.

Party Animals – Though the average convention party animal is often times a geek in one way or another, these convention staples aren’t really there to participate in programming pertaining to the object of their fandom. Instead, they are there for the expressed purpose of raising hell for a few days.

Party Animals are very creative in the ways they spread joy around the convention. They are often already well on their way to a “solid buzz” by noon and by early evening they are generally downright soused. Most of these con-goers are remarkably generous and often carry some alcoholic concoction around with them and offer up shots to fellow conventioneers or will splurge on a round of drinks for friends.

Party Animals, by nature, usually know where the best parties are. If one tells you that he or she doesn’t know of any parties that are going on, he or she is lying. They just don’t want to give away their secrets.

Goths – Geeks are hardly Goths by definition, but Goths are almost exclusively geeks by definition. It just goes with the territory.

Goths show up to cons in droves. It’s nearly impossible to nail down any specific geekdom or fandom outside of a few musical genres when it comes to this convention archetype simply because they don’t wear it on their sleeve like most others. Instead, the typical goth uniform (lots of fishnet, PVC, some leather, spikes, studs, tons of pancake and black makeup) is worn.

As a recovering Goth, I can tell you that most of the stereotypes are true with the exception of Satan worship and bloodletting and all that. I mean, that shit does happen, but as a general rule, goth-types are just more interested in music and fashion statements. This is generally a harmless bunch and are often times easily ignored as smiling and merrymaking aren’t usually activities Goths are best known for. There are indeed a few exceptions to this rule as some of the best Party Animals I’ve met in my time also happened to be Goth-types, but this is generally, indeed, the exception rather than the rule.

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-Scott “Scooter” McGowan

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