02 Jun

They Die in Three’s: RIP Star Trek Vets

StarTrekTrekkies and casual fans alike have good reason to mourn as within just a few days, we’ve had to say goodbye to 3 behind the scenes veterans of the original Star Trek series.

Star Trek associate producer and technical advisor Robert H. (Bob) Justman, who passed away due to complications from Parkinson’s Disease May 28th, joins such colleagues in the proverbial Final Frontier as Alexander “Sandy” Courage, who composed the show’s theme, and Joseph Pevney who directed 14 episodes including the famous The Trouble with Tribbles..

Though I’m admittedly only the most casual of fans when it comes to Star Trek, I’d be remiss if I didn’t express my appreciation for the work of Justman, Courage, Pevney and everyone else who helped to make Star Trek what it has come to be in the world of entertainment and pop culture. Granted, I’m not one to expound too much about the show’s social message or significance in that realm. I’ll leave that to the hardcore Trekkies. However, I certainly can’t deny what the show and the subculture that sprang forth from it has done for what we now know as the con-scene. Fan conventions would scarcely exist if it weren’t for Star Trek and its ravenous fan base.

So here’s a fond farewell to some great minds!

Scott “Scooter” McGowan

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