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30 Jul

Wanna Come to the ConSluts Party @ Dragon*Con? Here’s Your Chance!

Alright folks, so we still have room for some more revelers at the ConSluts Party during Dragon*Con’08. If you’re not familiar with how this party works, here’s the information as we have it right now. As far as getting your invite to the party, as we’ve said in the past, it’s all about participation. With […]

30 Jul

Fan Convention Tutorials for n00bs: CONNNNNNNNNNN! (or KAHNNNNNN for you Trekkies) Pt. 3

This article is Part 3 of a series. To read Part 1, please click here. To view Part 2, click here. When it comes to drinking at a fan convention, you have to remember that con is a marathon- not a sprint. Keep your wits about you. Con is chaotic enough even for those of […]

25 Jul

Pros and Cons of Dragon*Con

There’s no doubt that Dragon*Con is indeed our favorite fan convention here at If anything, we consider Dragon*Con to be our home base. This is why we’ve thrown the parties we have to date at this convention. However, just like anything else in the world, D*C has its ups and downs. With that being […]

23 Jul

Calling All Dragon*Con Parties!

Alright, folks. We know that and Wolf Pack Elite aren’t the only ones that’ll be making a mess of things at Dragon*Con ’08. If anything, Dragon*Con is almost as notorious for it’s parties as it is anything else. With that in mind, if you have a party that you’d like mentioned here on, […]

23 Jul

Be Sure…

…To check out the Wolf Pack Elite Party @ Dragon*Con’08!

23 Jul

Fan Convention Tutorials for n00bs: CONNNNNNNNNNN! (or KAHNNNNNN for you Trekkies) Pt. 2

*This is a continuation of a previous article. To read the Part 1 of this article, please Click Here Let’s move on to the however many minutes (or hours) later when you have your convention badge in hand. Before you leave the registration area, you’ll definitely want to be sure you have all of the […]

18 Jul Featured in Hustler Magazine!

Are we kidding? Nope! is mentioned prominently in the October issue of Hustler, perhaps the best known hardcore men’s magazine in the world. In the article entitled “Confessions of a ConSlut” (see full-sized image of the first page here), roving reporter and genital melting hottie, Sun Karma, gives Hustler readers an inside view of […]

18 Jul

Spat on the Set!

For those you who are long time Dragon*Con regulars, you may know our buddy Spat ( as one of the quintessential Con Sluts on Planet Earth. What you may or may not know is that Spat is also an established Special Effects Master. When I chatted with Spat yeaterday, he was on his way to […]

17 Jul

Details of Second Annual ConSluts Party at D*Con ’08 Now Online

Alright folks, all your questions are answered… …Well, most of them at least. Since we’re less than 45 days out, we figured it was about time to let everyone in on all the information we have. Everything has really come together in the past couple of weeks and we’re very happy about that. We were […]

17 Jul

Fan Convention Tutorials for n00bs: CONNNNNNNNNNN! (or KAHNNNNNN for you Trekkies) Pt. 1

You’ve made it! Thank ye gods! It’s time to boogie down with your geeky self! Well, not really. Don’t break out your 10-sided dice just yet. As I’ve mentioned a couple of times before, I’ll be covering all the business you’ll need to do with the hotel in a later article. But as this is […]

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