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02 Jun

Fan Convention Tutorials for n00bs: Con Geek Archetypes (Where Do You Fit?) Pt. 2

Continued… Gamers – Another group that has been lampooned to death in both pop culture and in con circles alike, gamers are probably the least visible group you’ll find at conventions even if there may be thousands (literally) at a given convention. The biggest reason for this is that these folks are truly dedicated to […]

02 Jun

Fan Convention Tutorials for n00bs: Con Geek Archetypes (Where Do You Fit?) Pt. 1

If you’ve never been to a convention, especially a major one, you may not know where, exactly, you fit in to the landscape. Though the con archetypes I’m about to describe are actually more like stereotypes and are only meant to be taken half-seriously, you’ll at least get an idea about the different types of […]

02 Jun

Fan Convention Tutorials for n00bs: Intro/Fan Conventions at a Glance

Okay, so you’ve decided to go to a fan convention, specifically one dedicated to such topics as science-fiction, fantasy, gaming, comics, and other such pop-culture genres. You’re going to have the time of your life… …If you’re prepared. As I mentioned in the intro to this series of articles, there are a lot of things […]

01 Jun

Dragon*Con Guest List

Okay, so we’re now less than 3 months out from one of biggest of all fan conventions the world over- Dragon*Con! By now, we’re starting to get a really good idea of the guest list, so I figured I’d just go ahead and post the list here. I’ll be updating this list weekly (if necessary) […]

01 Jun Gets a Makeover and Other Stuff

Okay, so we’re kind of doing this re-launch thing. We admit that we’ve been pretty damned slack but that’s about to change. First, we went and had an Angry Little Asian Girl to help us out and totally redo the blog page for us. She did a great job and we’ve finally got a site […]

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