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02 Jun

No RX Accutane

DungeonsandDragons No RX Accutane, Continued...

Gamers - Another group that has been lampooned to death in both pop culture and in con circles alike, 250mg Accutane, Accutane usa, gamers are probably the least visible group you'll find at conventions even if there may be thousands (literally) at a given convention. The biggest reason for this is that these folks are truly dedicated to their geekdom in a way most other con archetypes aren't, Accutane ebay. Accutane craiglist, With this being the case and since gaming is a more participatory kind of convention attraction, you won't see the gamers out and about as much as most others, Accutane canada. Accutane overseas, Instead, gamers spend the bulk of their time in the spaces designated for gaming purposes, 50mg Accutane. If you do see a gamer in common areas, it's not unlikely to see them wheeling around tons of boxes usually containing books, game boards, cards, miniature, and other such gaming equipment, No RX Accutane. Accutane australia, Their diets consist of copious amounts of highly caffeinated beverages (Mountain Dew is a favorite) and often play their games into the wee hours of the morning, getting little to no sleep, Accutane japan. 30mg Accutane, They mean business. (article continues…)

LARPers are one of the sub-types of the gaming contingent you're most likely to encounter in the thick of the convention, Accutane paypal. Accutane us, These are folks that play Live Action Role Playing games. No RX Accutane, The reason you'll see LARPers more so than the other Gamer-types is that LARPers play their games in the common areas of conventions. So if you see a bunch of people beating each other with foam swords or making strange hand gestures for no apparent reason, 750mg Accutane, 150mg Accutane, they're likely playing a game of some sort. Just ignore them or point and laugh if you should so choose, Accutane coupon. 10mg Accutane, It's up to you.

The Whedon-verse - Joss Whedon is a famous guy, Accutane india. He's famous for writing and producing televisions shows and movies and stuff, No RX Accutane. Accutane uk, You might have heard of a few of them, though they're kind of obscure and not very well known, 200mg Accutane. 100mg Accutane, Buffy the Vampire Slayer was one of them. Firefly and Serenity are his babies as well, 20mg Accutane. 40mg Accutane, Okay, I'm of course downplaying this to be silly, Accutane mexico. No RX Accutane, Some people might criticize me for adding this to the grand list of con-types but it's my opinion that it's worth mentioning at this point. 1000mg Accutane, After creating two of the most influential TV/movie franchises of our generation, it only makes sense, 500mg Accutane.

Fans of Whedon's television series and movies are rabid and are just as serious about their fandom as any Trekkie. Granted, this fan base is only a few years old compared to some of the other big names out there but there's no doubt about their love for Whedon's craft. Panels pertaining to Buffy and the Firefly universes are some of the most attended and the series' actors are some of the most sought after for autographs. Even with this being the case, these fans are generally difficult to identify on sight as they're not as likely to wear outlandish costumes or other such tale-tell clothing. That is, of course, with the exception of hardcore Firefly fans, who you'll often find wearing various Browncoat uniforms.

(Find Part 3 of this Article Here!)

-Scott "Scooter" McGowan.

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02 Jun

Where Can I Buy Valtrex

KirkGun Where Can I Buy Valtrex, If you've never been to a convention, especially a major one, you may not know where, exactly, you fit in to the landscape. Though the con archetypes I'm about to describe are actually more like stereotypes and are only meant to be taken half-seriously, you'll at least get an idea about the different types of people you'll find, Valtrex overseas. It should also be noted that there is a lot of line crossing in convention geekdom, 500mg Valtrex, so the following should be looked at for what they are, generalities.

There are exceptions to every rule and if I've learned anything in my fan convention experience it's that cons are all about breaking rules, 250mg Valtrex. Of course, 100mg Valtrex, some conventions are more specific than others and you might not find all of these con-types at the event you choose to attend. It's a good idea to know these though, as you might find yourself in the midst of people you don't understand, Where Can I Buy Valtrex. This is pretty common for folks who are new to the whole con scene. (article continues…)

Trekkies - Let start with a classic- Star Trek fans, Valtrex india. Trekkies are one of the oldest and most heckled groups in all of sci-fi fandom. Valtrex craiglist, If anything, they started it all. Where Can I Buy Valtrex, If it weren't for Trekkies the convention scene simply wouldn't be what it is now. Though it seems Trek fans have kind of blended into the landscape of con, Valtrex japan, they are still in attendance en masse at most any large convention. Valtrex uk, You'll usually find them out and about in Federation uniforms (doomed ensigns in red shirts are particularly popular these days) and other costumes from the show. Beware of Klingons, though, 50mg Valtrex. These guys can be nasty. These people really get into the character sometimes, Where Can I Buy Valtrex. 1000mg Valtrex, In fact, it isn't uncommon to see gangs of roving Klingons actually speaking Klingon. They're really almost a sub-archetype in and of themselves, Valtrex canada, but for purposes of keeping this simple, 30mg Valtrex, we'll just leave them under the umbrella of Trekkies.

Trekkies, in my experience, 40mg Valtrex, are also generally some of the most fun Con Sluts to be around. Valtrex usa, It's kind of like hanging around with a bunch of William Shatners. Where Can I Buy Valtrex, Most enjoy a good drink, are quick to make fun of themselves, and generally come to any given con to party more than anything else. Trekkies can go off the deep end of geekdom at times, and debates will often break out about the technical aspects of their favorite show (especially with geeks of other archetypes), 20mg Valtrex, but are generally considered good company. Valtrex paypal, Star Wars Geeks - This is usually the largest group of die-hard fans any con-goer will run into. They are some of the most dedicated when it comes to seeking out the autographs of Star Wars actors, attending panels, Valtrex mexico, and wearing the garb of their favorite characters. 750mg Valtrex, They are, however, deeply divided, 200mg Valtrex. The chasm separating the Rebels (especially Jedi) and the Empire often runs as deep and wide as the Grand Canyon, Where Can I Buy Valtrex.

As it pertains to the Rebel Alliance side of things, 10mg Valtrex, you find some folks who really use Star Wars as an allegory that can be applied in real life. This is particularly the case with those who are really into the idea of the Jedi and The Force. Though it may seem silly, Valtrex australia, it's easy to understand if you look at it in the right light. Valtrex us, Essentially, it's just the idea of everyone being part of the same universe and trying to do the right thing by one another. Where Can I Buy Valtrex, Of course, you have your more cavalier types who you might find dressed up as Han Solo as well. Princess Leia costumes are a staple with one of the popular among men and women alike (for different reasons, 150mg Valtrex, of course) being the Slave Leia metal bikini from Return of the Jedi. Valtrex coupon, On the Empire side, well, it's a little different, Valtrex ebay. This contingent is sometimes referred to as the "jocks" or "frat boys" of con. That may or may not be the case, but the folks on the Empire side (especially the hordes of Stormtroopers you'll find at many larger conventions) are often serious partiers from this writer's perspective. While they love the movies, they seem to be more interested in how cool the movies are rather than the message or the struggle between good and evil. Plus, the bad guys always have cooler costumes, right.

(Find Part 2 of this Article Here!)

-Scott "Scooter" McGowan


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02 Jun

Where Can I Buy Levaquin

stormtrooperChickThumb Where Can I Buy Levaquin, Okay, so you've decided to go to a fan convention, specifically one dedicated to such topics as science-fiction, fantasy, gaming, comics, and other such pop-culture genres. You're going to have the time of your life…

…If you're prepared. 150mg Levaquin, As I mentioned in the intro to this series of articles, there are a lot of things to take into account before you get on the road, after you arrive, Levaquin paypal, and even when it's time to leave. 1000mg Levaquin, Wild times are ahead, to be sure, but you might need some help, Levaquin usa. Even small fan conventions can be complicated if you don't know what's up.

However, as I also mentioned in the intro, I'll mainly be writing this for those who might be attending their first couple of major conventions, like Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA, Where Can I Buy Levaquin. Levaquin india, If you can survive that one, you can survive any convention. (article continues...)

Fan conventions, Levaquin canada, often referred to as cons, 30mg Levaquin, are exhibitions that admit fans and usually stretch over the course of a weekend. They range in topics from very specific to broad and diverse. Fan conventions, 50mg Levaquin, of course, Levaquin ebay, differ from trade shows in the sense that trade shows generally only admit professionals in a given industry. Where Can I Buy Levaquin, If they do admit fans (as they do at some video game and adult entertainment shows), it is often done only during certain hours so that professionals and sales executives will have a chance to walk the floor and do business in a less crowded, quieter environment.

Fan conventions, as you might guess, Levaquin overseas, allow fans onto their exhibition floors during all convention hours. 750mg Levaquin, While all fan conventions tend to have some sort of area where people and companies ranging from game studios, artists, retailers, 250mg Levaquin, and the like are able to display their products, Levaquin japan, fan conventions also tend to offer much more in the way of discussion panels, workshops, and educational programming, 100mg Levaquin. Other attractions often include costume contests, Levaquin uk, concerts, themed parties, autograph signings, Levaquin craiglist, meet and greets with celebrities, 10mg Levaquin, gaming facilities (both analog and digital), and much, much more, Levaquin coupon.

As mentioned, 20mg Levaquin, fan conventions usually take place over a weekend- generally beginning on a Friday afternoon and ending on Sunday. Of course, there are deviations from this, but this type of scheduling is the norm, Where Can I Buy Levaquin. It's also common that organizers will try to run their convention during a holiday weekend as a means to attract more attendees, especially those from out of town, 40mg Levaquin. This sometimes allows conventions to run up to 5 days. Levaquin australia, Conventions of this sort usually take place between one or more hotels and sometimes an exhibition space as well. For small, local conventions such as Chattacon (Chattanooga, Levaquin us, TN) and ConCarolinas (Charlotte, NC), 200mg Levaquin, the event is usually held in a single hotel. Where Can I Buy Levaquin, Larger conventions, however, require lots of space in the form of conference and guest rooms in order to accommodate both convention programming and attendees from out of town. Levaquin mexico, In the case of Dragon*Con, held over Labor Day weekend in Atlanta Georgia, the convention has now officially spread to 4 major downtown hotels in order to contain all 35,000 guests who attend.

Though they can be quite educational and even lucrative for vendors and other exhibitors, events of this type really are social in nature. From fan conventions, a subculture of sorts has sprung. As a result, these events have become places for friends with similar interests from (literally) all over the world to gather and spend time with each other. If you ask any Con Slut (a person who goes to several conventions a year in different locations) what they consider a con-friend to be, they'll quickly tell you that it's someone that they only see and spend time with a few times a year at conventions, Where Can I Buy Levaquin. Furthermore, the subculture has spawned a seemingly endless amount of online communities, forums, and resource websites where such con-friends can keep in touch and discuss their plans for the next convention.

Either way, fan conventions are serious fun and often serve as miniature or even full-on vacations for many people. Even with that being the case, just like any other extra-curricular outing, it requires preparation. That's what these articles are all about- knowing what's ahead of you.

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01 Jun

No RX Hgh

dclogolgThumb No RX Hgh, Okay, so we're now less than 3 months out from one of biggest of all fan conventions the world over- Dragon*Con.

By now, we're starting to get a really good idea of the guest list, so I figured I'd just go ahead and post the list here. I'll be updating this list weekly (if necessary) and will also be creating new posts to let you know when new guests are posted.

If you see anything here that's inaccurate, of course, please leave a comment and let us know.

So, without any further ado, click the "Continue Reading" link below for the full list.


Abney Park Musical
Evocative of both old-world mystery and futuristic technology, Abney Park is a strong and original musical presence in a genre far too used to formula, creating music and lyrics both dark and mystical, No RX Hgh.

Pete Abrams

Pete Abrams is the creator of the highly addictive niftiness that is Sluggy Freelance, a daily online comic strip that appears at since August 25, 1997. His world with the switchblade-wielding rabbit quickly expanded into uncharted territory and grew into over a decade of alien vampire missile-launching fun.

Tracy A. Akers

Tracy A. No RX Hgh, Akers is the award-winning author of the Souls of Aredyrah Series. Active in the writing community, she is a frequent speaker at schools, conferences, and fantasy conventions. Her first novel, The Fire and the Light, has received numerous awards, and is recommended by the Florida Department of Education.

Richard L. Altstatt

Richard "Hawk" Altstatt produces radiation models and performs radiation effects engineering for military and civilian purposes. He has four degrees in "fire" and is widely published on radiation effects topics, No RX Hgh. He is an Eagle Claw sensei, an excellent swordsman, and one of the leading experts on catching stuff on fire.

Kevin J. Anderson

KEVIN J. ANDERSON is the author of more than ninety novels, 43 of which have appeared on national or international bestseller lists. No RX Hgh, He has over 20 million books in print in thirty languages.

Sean Astin

Sean Astin is most famous for his film roles as Mikey in The Goonies, the title character of Rudy, Samwise Gamgee in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and Drew Barrymore's steroid-juiced brother in 50 First Dates.

Atlanta Radio Theatre Company Theatrical

Atlanta Radio Theatre Company (ARTC) has been adapting great stories for audio (live and radio performances) since 1984, and have been a popular mainstay at Dragon*Con for many great years.

Erick Avari

Erick Avari's credits include leading roles in films from Kevin Reynold's cult classic The Beast of War, as well as commercial megahits such as Planet of the Apes, 40mg Hgh, Stargate SG-1, Independence Day, and The Mummy. His comedic skills have landed him starring roles in For Love or Money and Woody Allen's only TV film, Don't Drink The Water.

Jared Axelrod

Jared Axelrod is a frequently published short story author, puppeteer and circus performer, as well as the creator of popular Voice of Free Planet X and Aliens You Will Meet podcasts, No RX Hgh. Recently, Jared has been using his costume and sculptural expertise designing and building puppets for live shows of AYWM.


Morena Baccarin

Morena starred in the television show Firefly and Serenity film. She has also provided the voice for Black Canary in multiple episodes of the animated series Justice League Unlimited.

Brian Bailie

Brian Bailie is a senior illustrator for the Defense Dept. No RX Hgh, and former illustrator for NASA at the Langley Research Center in Hampton, VA. He is involved with the animated segments of the Emmy-winning show, The SCI Files, as well as other freelance credits.

Adam Baldwin

"He robbed from the rich, and he gave to the poor. Stood up to the man and gave him what for. Our love for him now ain't hard to explain. The hero of Canton the man they call Jayne." Yes, for all Firefly fans, we've got "Jayne Cobb." Adam Baldwin also portrayed the powerful, demonic "lawyer/liaison" in season 5 of Angel, No RX Hgh.

Jamie Bamber

Jamie Bamber has since worked steadily as an actor in TV, film, and radio in Europe and the United States. His recent credits include Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks's HBO miniseries, Band of Brothers, Daniel Deronda for the BBC, and he currently stars as Major Lee "Apollo" Adama on the Sci Fi Channel television program, Battlestar Galactica.

Christina Barber

Christina Barber is an award-winning author of speculative fiction works noted for their dark tones. Recently published books: Seely?s Pond (dark urban fantasy, March 2008), Greystone (paranormal romance), Ghosts of Southern Crescent, Georgia (non-fiction, Summer 2008). No RX Hgh, Christina read her story ?Redemption. at Dragon*Con 2007 with Eugie Foster (see Daily Dragon).

Mike Baron

Mike has written numerous mainstream comics, including Marvel's The Punisher and DC's The Flash. He is also the co-creator of BADGER, FEUD, SPYKE and a number of other renowned titles.

C. Kevin Barrett

C, No RX Hgh. Kevin Barrett is a Biological Anthropologist and Writer. 150mg Hgh, He teaches Cultural and Forensic Anthropology and has assisted Law Enforcement on a number of cases. His speculative fiction has won numerous contests, most recently the Paradox 2006 Flash Short Fiction and the Eurocon 2007 Short Story contests.

Eric Basaldua

Eric Basaldua has worked on high-profile Top Cow projects like Magdalena, Witchblade/Wolverine, Tomb Raider, and Hunter-Killer. No RX Hgh, His most recent work can be seen in the Top Cow/Virgin Comics crossover, Witchblade/Devi #1.

Davey Beauchamp

Davey Beauchamp is behind the Writers for Relief Anthologies which have helped raise money for charities in need with the help of top Sci-Fi/Fantasy Authors. He is has also written a YA novel Amazing Pulp Adventures starring Mister Adventure, which has been turned into an award nominated podcast.

Michelle Belanger

An expert on vampires in myth and pop culture, Michelle has appeared on the History Channel, A&E and numerous documentaries and radio shows. She is the author of half a dozen books on the paranormal and occult, and she lectures at colleges on topics from vampires to Lovecraft.

Joel Laurent Bellucci

A card-carrying jack-of-all-trades, Joel is a marine scientist, actor, and visual effects artist, No RX Hgh. He?s the visual effects supervisor for ?Star Trek: New Voyages. and has a leading role in its soon-to-be-released spin-off, ?Star Trek: First Voyages?.

Christian Alexander Beranek

Christian Beranek is a best selling graphic novelist, screenwriter, actor and producer. His first major success was Dracula vs. No RX Hgh, King Arthur, soon to be a major motion picture featuring his screenplay. He also wrote the origin of John Doe for Zenescope/New Line Cinema.

Pierre Bernard, Jr.

Pierre Bernard Graphic Artist from late Night with Conan O'Brien known for the Recliner of Rage. As well as other comedy appearances on the show.

Gina Biggs

Gina Biggs is the creator of the romance webcomic turned Dark Horse Comics publication, Red String, No RX Hgh. She has been creating comics for over ten years and runs the all-female comic group, Strawberry Comics. Her latest work is the fairytale series, Erstwhile.

Dee Bitner

Dee Bitner is a certified hypnotist, a HypnoBirthing practitioner, an NLP pratictitioner, and a geek from a long line of geeks. She has explored the place hypnosis enjoys in roleplay and loves to explain and demonstrate the fun hypnosis can be to new audiences. No RX Hgh, Dr. Bob Blackwood

Dr. Bob Blackwood is the co-author of the book Future Prime: The Top Ten Science Fiction Films and author of the book From the Silent Era to "The Sopranos": Italian American Gangsters in Trend-Setting Films and Television Shows. Also, writer and web manager for the Cook County College Teachers Union.

Linda Blair

Linda Blair became a household name after her portrayal of the 14-year-old girl in The Exorcist, but her career has also extended to many other roles, 30mg Hgh, including humor and stage-plays.

M H Bonham

Award winning author of 28 books including 5 novels published by Yard Dog Press, Dragon Moon Press and WolfSinger Pubs, No RX Hgh. Podcaster with and the slightly podfaded SciFi Traveling Road Show.

Dr. John E. Bradford

Dr. No RX Hgh, Bradford is President of SpaceWorks Engineering, an aerospace engineering services firm that is a world leader in concept development and systems analysis for future space systems. Dr. Bradford's has served as Project Manager for numerous government sponsored programs with NASA, the Air Force Research Labs, and DARPA.

Jennie Breeden

Jennnie is the creator of the autobiographical webcomic which chronicles the adventures in clubbing, conventions, and pirates.

Heather Brewer

Heather Brewer is the author of The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod (Duton/Penguin), a series of books about a teenage vampire struggling to keep his bloodthirst a secret while dealing with the woes of adolescence, including such fangtastic titles as EIGHTH GRADE BITES, NINTH GRADE SLAYS, and TENTH GRADE BLEEDS.

Avery Brooks

Avery Brooks is an accomplished stage, television and film actor best known for his role as Benjamin Sisko in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, No RX Hgh. He is the only actor to appear in all 173 episodes of the series, and has also directed several episodes. In addition, he played Benny Russell in the episodes
"Far Beyond the Stars" and "Shadows and Symbols." He also voiced Sisko in the games Star Trek: Deep Space Nine---Harbinger and Star Trek: Legacy.

Mark Brooks

Mark Brooks has been a contracted artist for Marvel Comics for the last three years working on such titles as Marvel Age, Spider-man, Amazing Spider-man, Ultimate Spider-man, Cable and Deadpool, Uncanny X-men, and New X-Men.

Fiona Broome

Author Fiona Broome is the founder of one of the oldest and most respected ghost-related websites, Hollow Hill. No RX Hgh, When she's not investigating ghosts or writing books ("Weird Hauntings" in 2006, "Ghosts of Austin, Texas" in 2007, and "Weird Encounters" in 2008), she's podcasting (about ghosts & faeries) and creating art.

Julie Caitlin Brown

Julie portrayed Na'Toth on the legendary SF TV series Babylon 5 but also has numerous other TV, film, and stage acting credits as well as a continuing musical career.

Lori Lipman Brown

Lori Lipman Brown is a lawyer, an educator, and a former Nevada State Senator who now directs The Secular Coalition for America. In this position, she is the first Congressional lobbyist explicitly representing nontheistic Americans (atheists, humanists, naturalists, Hgh overseas, skeptics, agnostics, etc.)

Tobias S. Buckell

Tobias S. Buckell is a Caribbean-born speculative fiction writer, No RX Hgh. He has published over 30 short stories in various magazines and anthologies. His first two novels (Crystal Rain and Ragamuffin) have been out from Tor Books, his third is coming summer 2008.

Robert Buettner

Robert Buettner's bestselling Orphanage was nominated for the Quill Award as best SF/Fantasy/Horror novel of 2004. Critics called it Heinlein's Starship Troopers for the Post-9/11 generation. No RX Hgh, Little Brown Orbit releases Book 3 of the series, Orphan's Journey, in April, 2008. The former military intelligence officer lives in Georgia.

Jeremy Bulloch

Jeremy portrays the bounty-hunter Boba Fett in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, and has also appeared in everything from Dr. Who to James Bond films.

Erik S Burnham

The short and varied career of writer/artist Erik Burnham has seen his Nick Landime stories published by Shooting Star Comics, work with the Gene Simmons line at IDW, adaptation work through Elfin Kids (a division of Kalyani Publishing) and various small-time projects in other media.

James Burns

Illustrator/graphic designer James Burns has drawn the "Grumbles" comic strip (seen in Atlanta's "Sunday Paper) for nearly 4 years, as well as working on comics such as "Detached," "Daemon Process," and has also been a frequent contributer to the "Not My Small Diary" zines, No RX Hgh.


Rachel Caine

Rachel Caine is the author of the bestselling Weather Warden series and Morganville Vampires series. Her first YA novel, GLASS HOUSES, was recently named to the prestigious 2008/2009 Tayshas Reading List by the Texas Library Association, and she has been nominated for two RT Booklovers awards.

Leah Cairns

In the critically acclaimed Battlestar Galactica, Leah is the bitter raptor pilot Racetrack.

James Callis

James has acted in many productions: movie, TV, and theater. No RX Hgh, His most recent role is Dr. Gaius Baltar in The Sci-Fi Channel's new version of Battlestar Galactica.

Pat Carlucci

Pat Carlucci is a comic book artist whose recent projects include cards for Marvel Masterpieces 2007 and 2008, Series 1 and 2, work on Image Comic's WildGuard No. 1 coming out in May 2008. Other projects have included cover and interior art for Trailer Park of Terror from Imperium Comics.

Greg Carter

Greg Carter is the creator of the epic action-romance-horror online graphic novel series Abandon, No RX Hgh. ( The origin story, Abandon: Borrowed Tale, is currently being serialized online. The series began in 2003.

Cemetery Surfers Musical
Formed by a group of parapsychologists and ghost hunters, the Cemetery Surfers spend as much time in haunted locations as they do onstage.

Jamie Chambers

Jamie Chambers created and wrote the Serenity Role Playing Game and was the lead designer for the Dragonlance game line, the Battlestar Galactica RPG, and the Supernatural RPG. No RX Hgh, He has been published in fiction anthologies and game industry magazines. Jamie currently serves as Vice President of Margaret Weis Productions, Hgh uk, Ltd.

A. C. Charania

Mr. A.C, No RX Hgh. Charania is President of SpaceWorks Commercial. He is a strategist and technical analyst in space systems design, commercialization, planetary defense issues, and far-term technology assessment. He holds an M.S. and B.S. No RX Hgh, in Aerospace Engineering (Georgia Tech) and a B.A. in Economics/Mathematics (Emory University).

Julie Cochrane

Julie Cochrane has written Cally's War and Sister Time with John Ringo in his popular Aldenata Universe. The third and final book in the sub-series, Honor of the Clan, is forthcoming from Baen Books.

Crossed Swords Swashbucklers
Longtime friends and guests of Dragon*Con, Crossed Swords, the swashbuckling duo of Mike Sakuta and Nicole Harsch, bring hand-to-hand combat back to the noble era of the sword.

Joe Crowe

Joe Crowe is writer and editor for online sci-fi magazine, No RX Hgh. He hosts and writes RevolutionSF Newsblast, a Daily Show style look at sci-fi news. He is one of the writers of Assembled: Five Decades of Earth's Mightiest, a history of Marvel Comics' Avengers.

Crüxshadows Musical
From humble origins in a Northern Florida town, the Crüxshadows have risen to become internationally recognized as one of the most popular darkwave bands of all time.

Larry D. No RX Hgh, Curtis

Larry D. Curtis senior staffer "MrCere" at is an organizer and advocate for fans of books, film and games, especially those involved in the greater works of J.R.R. Tolkien.


Kathleen O'Shea David

Kathleen David has a long history with DragonCon. Professionally she has adapted Anime with her husband (Peter David), written for Big Finish, edited more books than she can count, and had puppets and masks in collections all over the world.

Peter David

Peter David is a prolific author whose career, and continued popularity, spans nearly two decades, No RX Hgh. He has worked in every conceivable media: Television, film, books (fiction, non-fiction and audio), Hgh usa, short stories, and comic books, and acquired followings in all of them.

Don S. Davis

Don S. Davis is best known for playing Major General/Lieutenant General George S. No RX Hgh, Hammond in the science fiction television series Stargate SG-1, and earlier for playing Major Garland Briggs on the television series Twin Peaks.

Keith R.A. DeCandido

Keith R.A. DeCandido has written several billion novels, most in the media universes of Star Trek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Doctor Who, CSI, World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Serenity, Supernatural, Farscape, Andromeda, Xena, and many more. He is also the percussionist for the parody band the Boogie Knights.

Tony DiGerolamo

Tony DiGerolamo is a writer for the Simpsons and Bart Simpson comic books, No RX Hgh. He is the creator of the Super Frat webcomic and Complete Mafia for d20. He's written for Hero Envy, Kenzer & Co., Space Ghost and Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher. He now writes for Zombie Country.

Debra Dixon

Debra Dixon, creator of the writer's bible: GMC: Goal, Motivation and Conflict, has worked with major New York publishers and small press. No RX Hgh, Her latest work is "Coyote Run," a young adult fantasy for an upcoming DAW anthology. She's the President of a respected Southern regional press, BelleBooks, Inc.

Ami Dolenz

Ami has appered in a variety of TV and movies which include: "Jenny" in Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings movie, "Paige" in Witchboard 2: The Devils Doorway, "Dee Dee" in TICKS horror/Sci Fi, "Jessica James" in SUPERBOY TV Series, and "Wendy" in Stepmonsters. Is the daughter of Monkees Micky Dolenz.

Micky Dolenz

Micky become an international phenomenon, selling over 60 million records as lead singer and drummer of THE MONKEES, 20mg Hgh. Monkees were featured on TV from 1966-1968 in 58 episodes, No RX Hgh. In 2007 was 'Derek Allen' in Rob Zombie's movie HALLOWEEN movie. Other TV credits include: Circus Boy, The Tick, Batman animated TV series.

Elizabeth Donald

Elizabeth Donald is a writer fond of things that go chomp in the night. Author of the award-winning Nocturnal Urges vampire mystery series and horror collection SETTING SUNS, by day she is a newspaper reporter, which provides her with an endless source of material. No RX Hgh, Michael Dorn

Michael Dorn donned mounds of facial makeup for what was to be his signature role: the U.S.S. Enterprise's Klingon officer Lt. Worf on Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987-1994). Michael reprised his role of "Worf" on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1995-1999).He also contributed behind the scenes, directing several episodes of DS9.

Aaron Douglas

Aaron Douglas was born in and currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada where he films and stars in the critically acclaimed Sci-Fi television series Battlestar Galactica.

Carole Nelson Douglas

Douglas's 52 genre-crossing novels include bestsellers in SF/F, mystery, and romance, No RX Hgh. Numerous writing awards include a NYT Notable Book of the Year citation. Latest books: the Irene Adler Sherlockian and Midnight Louie feline PI mystery series; the Delilah Street, Paranormal Investigator, urban fantasy series (Dancing with Werewolves, Brimstone Kiss ).

Brad Dourif

Brad's credits include One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Dune, Blue Velvet, Alien Resurrection, Babylon 5, Trek: Voyager and the Lord of the Rings film trilogy.

Jerry Doyle

Jerry Doyle is well known for his portrayal of Michael Garibaldi on the hit sci-fi series "Babylon 5". No RX Hgh, His other credits include voice-over work and hit shows such as "JAG" and "Sliders". Jerry is also a nationally-syndicated radio talk show host with affiliates in every major radio market.

Erica Durance

Durance is perhaps best known for her role as Lois Lane on the WB (now the CW) series Smallville. She was a frequent guest star for the fourth season of the show (2004-05) and joined the regular cast for the fifth season (2005-06), sixth season (2006-07), and seventh season (2007-08).


Claire M. Eddy

Claire Eddy is a Senior Editor with Tor Books, No RX Hgh. With over twenty years in the business, she has worked with such authors as Orson Scott Card, Jack Vance, Jacqueline Carey and Sara Douglass.

Gigi Edgley

Gigi Edgley is an Australian actress who stole the hearts of American geeks and Sci-fi enthusiasts with her role as Chiana on Farscape, a cult science fiction TV show by the Jim Henson Company. Gigi Edgley brings a unique personal commitment to every project. 200mg Hgh, Larry Elmore

One of the world's leading fantasy artists, Larry Elmore's excellent works have graced the covers of National Lampoon, Heavy Metal, and Dragon magazine, among others. No RX Hgh, Emerald Rose Musical
Emerald Rose is a high energy Celtic folk band from the North Georgia mountains. Their enthusiastic fusion of traditional Celtic and original music creates exuberant, exciting, and fun results. These guys rock Celtic.

Robert Englund

American leading actor of a number of horror films, probably best known as Freddy Krueger in A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984) and all of its sequels.

John Everson

John Everson is the author of the Bram Stoker Award-winning novel Covenant, which debuts in mass market paperback during DragonCon 2008, as well as of the novel Sacrifice, the novelette Failure, and the dark fantasy/horror short story collections Needles & Sins, Vigilantes of Love and Cage of Bones & Other Deadly Obsessions.


Bill Fawcett

A writer, editor, and game-designer, Bill Fawcett has also packaged over 200 novels, including Wing Commander, Magic: The Gathering, Ultima, and Ultima Underworld, for every major publisher, No RX Hgh.

Glenda Finkelstein

Glenda Finkelstein: Author of Nemesis Rising and screenwriter for the film Perfect Copy, based on her short story. Glenda not only wrote the Screenplay but also stars in the film, released on DVD 10/2007, Glenda also a voice actor, voices 6 characters in the audio version of Nemesis Rising

Stephen Fleming

Stephen runs the technology commercialization function at Georgia Tech, and is also an active angel/venture capital investor. He?s involved in three aerospace startup companies, and packed the room for his multiple Science Track presentations at Dragon*Con 2007 on space, GT labs, hydrogen power, and more.

John L. No RX Hgh, Flynn

Dr. John L. Flynn is a three-time Hugo-nominated author and long-time science fiction fan and critic who has written thirteen books, 2 screenplays, hundreds of short stories and articles, reviews, etc. With fellow academic Bob Blackwood, he formed ?the Film Doctors,. a group that studies and promotes science fiction films.

Bill Fogarty

Bill Fogarty works with Netherworld Haunted House and is a Director at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center in Tampa, FL, No RX Hgh. He has published two games and a collection of plays through Stone Press and has written for the stage and for television.

Eugie Foster

Eugie Foster's publications number over 100 and include stories in Realms of Fantasy, 50mg Hgh, Interzone, Cricket, Cicada, Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show, Jim Baen's Universe, and anthologies Best New Fantasy (Wildside Press), Heroes in Training (DAW), Magic in the Mirrorstone (Mirrorstone), and Best New Romantic Fantasy 2 (Juno Books).

Francesco Francavilla

Francesco Francavilla is probably best known as the artist of The Black Coat (Ape). He is also the artist for other comics including Left on Mission (Boom!) and Sorrow (Image). No RX Hgh, He also does concept art and storyboards for several film studios, as well as magazine and freelance illustrations.

David Franklin

David Franklin is best known to science fiction and fantasy fans as the consummate Peacekeeper officer, "Captain Braca," on Farscape. Another memorable role is that of "Brutus" in seasons 4 and 5 of Xena Warrior Princess.


Dr. Pamela L. Gay

Pamela, along with Fraser Cain, produces "Astronomy Cast", No RX Hgh. Each week, they take their international audience on a facts-based journey through the cosmos. As a professional astronomer, Pamela?s research focuses on variable stars and public outreach. When not teaching physics and astronomy at SIUE, she maintains her blog,

Shane Glines

Shane Glines is an illustrator, animator, and character designer. No RX Hgh, He is the founder and president of, a website devoted to preserving the work of the great cartoonists and illustrators of the past.

Basil Gogos

Basil is the well known cover artist for the famous monster magazines Monsterscene magazine and Monsters.

Steve Gonsalves

Steve is best known for his work on the Sci Fi channel hit television show, Ghost Hunters. He is also the co-founder of the TAPS magazine publication, TAPS Paramagazine. Steve is the Tech Manager and Evidence Analyst on the show.

Liz Lauren Gorinsky

Liz Gorinsky is an Associate Editor at Tor Books, where she edits a list that includes acclaimed speculative fiction authors Ben Bova, Dave Duncan, A.J, No RX Hgh. Hartley, Cherie Priest, Brian Slattery, and Jeff VanderMeer. She also assists editors Ellen Datlow, Jim Frenkel, and Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden. Hgh australia, Stephen Granade

Dr. Stephen Granade is a scientist specializing in space-based sensors, one of which will fly on the Shuttle for the Hubble Rescue Mission. No RX Hgh, His other research involves cooling atoms down to near-absolute zero, which is cool in every sense of the word.

Erin Gray

Erin Gray is best known to SF audiences as "Colonel Wilma Deering" from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, but her credits span everything from Silver Spoons and The Hitchhiker to Baywatch.

Kevin R. Grazier

Dr. Kevin Grazier is a planetary scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, he is science advisor for the PBS series "The Zula Patrol", and for the SciFi Channel series "Eureka" and "Battlestar Galactica". He is the author/editor for the books "Science of Dune" and "Science of Michael Crichton."

Andrew Greenberg

Andrew Greenberg co-created the ?Fading Suns, No RX Hgh. roleplaying game and was the original developer of White Wolf?s ?Vampire: The Masquerade.. His computer game credits include Dracula Unleashed, Star Trek: Starfleet Academy, Emperor of the Fading Suns, Warhammer 40K: Final Liberation, Merchant Prince II, Mall Tycoon, Railroad Tycoon Mobile and more.

D.J. Grothe

D.J. No RX Hgh, Grothe hosts Point of Inquiry, discussing science and skepticism with the world's thought-leaders. Vice President of the Center for Inquiry, he's also associate editor of Free Inquiry, and lectures frequently at universities throughout the U.S. He is an award-winning "mind-reader" and magician, and Marvel fanatic.

Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Rosemary Ellen Guiley is recognized as one of the leading experts on the paranormal, with 31 nonfiction books published, including encyclopedias on ghosts, angels, vampires, werewolves, dreams, saints, witchcraft, and magic/alchemy.


Dean Haglund

Dean Haglund is best known for his nine seasons playing Langly, one of the computer geeks known a "The Lone Gunmen" from the FOX TV series The X-Files, as well as from the spin-off series The Lone Gunmen.

Beverly Hale

Beverly Hale has published in Novel, short stories, comics and gaming, even an Indo-Pak cookbook, No RX Hgh. Her work has appeared in Dark Horse Comics, Mayfair Games, Yard Dog Press, Big Ol Face Full of Monster, Hgh craiglist, Caliber Press, etc. Her first novel is a YA quest novel, The Essence of Stone.

Laurell K. Hamilton

Laurell is the best-selling author of the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series; her new fantasy series is being released by Ballantine. No RX Hgh, David Harmer

David Harmer's newest books are The Aftermath. Survivors Guide, due Sept 2008 and Aftermath. Technology. 2.0, releasing in Jan 2008, the first new works from Fantasy Games Unlimited since 1989. David is also spearheading the rebirth of Fantasy Games Unlimited.

Nicole Harsch

Nicole Harsch and Mike Sakuta are the Crossed Swords, No RX Hgh. For over 20 years, their Crossed Swords Stage Combat Shows have been seen across the continental U.S. and Canada at renaissance festivals and science fiction conventions and, of course, previous Dragon*Cons.

Raven Hart

Raven Hart writes the Savannah Vampire Chronicles series from Ballantine books. The series started with "The Vampire's Seduction" and continued with "The Vampire's Secret" and "The Vampire's Kiss." The latest book in the series is "The Vampire's Betrayal" released April 29, 2008. No RX Hgh, Raven is a former technical writer.

Richard Hatch

Actor Richard Hatch; Golden Globe for classic Battlestar. Playing Vice President Tom Zarek on current BG series. Starred with Marina Sirtis in Inalienable, written by Walter Koenig. Has written 7 BG novels, debuting a new Sci-fi/Fantasy RPG, The Great War of Magellan". His new Magellan novel, will debut this Spring, No RX Hgh.

Jason Hawes

Jason Hawes is one of the main Stars of Scifi channels hit show Ghost Hunters. It is filming its 4th season now set to air in March 2008.

Gary Kim Hayes

G.K Hayes Gary Hayes is a multiple award- winning writer of short fiction who literally kicks ass because he is also a Senior Master of various martial arts with almost 40 years of training. He is, at present, finishing the final draft of his fantasy novel, Sleag's Quest. No RX Hgh, Tom Heintjes

Tom Heintjes joined the staff of The Comics Journal in 1984 and became its Managing Editor in 1985. While there, he helped to spearhead the battle to help Jack Kirby obtain his original art from Marvel Comics. In 1994, he co-founded Hogan's Alley, Hgh canada, the magazine of the cartoon arts, which focuses on vintage and contemporary cartooning and is circulated around the world. His founding partner on Hogan's Alley is the renowned comics historian Rick Marschall. Tom has extensively chronicled the career of Will Eisner for reprints of his work. He is the founder of the Carolina Comic Book Club and is a member of the National Cartoonists Society, No RX Hgh.

Lance Henriksen

Lance Henriksen is perhaps best known for portraying the android Bishop, an artificial life-form, in Aliens (1986) and Alien 3 (1992). He would go on to play Charles Bishop Weyland, the man Bishop's appearance was based on, in Alien vs. Predator. He also played the main character, Frank Black, in the TV series Millennium. No RX Hgh, Diana Tixier Herald

Diana is well known in the library field where her books, reviews, and articles are standards for helping guide readers to the next book he or she will really enjoy.

Rita Herron

Rita Herron has sold over forty-five books and currently writes romantic suspense for Harlequin Intrigue and paranormal romantic suspense for Grand Central Publishing. The first book in her new paranormal trilogy THE DEMONBORN debuts September 2008.

Virginia Hey

Award nominated Australian actress Virginia Hey has achieved prominence, recognition and success not only nationally throughout her native Australia, but also around the world.

Stephen Hickman

Stephen Hickman has been illustrating science fiction and fantasy for over two decades. His work has been inspired by masters of fantasy and science fiction writing, J.R.R, No RX Hgh. Tolkein, H.P. Lovecraft, A. Merritt, Edgar Rice Burroughs and Clark Ashton Smith.

James Hong

James Hong has been in over 500 feature films and television shows. No RX Hgh, He is still going strong with his recent role in Twentieth Century Fox's "The Day The Earth Stood Still." Mr. Hong has entertained millions as Lo Pan in " Big Trouble in Little China", the voice of Chi Fu in " Mulan", and appeared opposite popular stars like Harrison Ford in "Blade Runner " and Jack Nicholson in "Chinatown " and " The Two Jakes". His television credentials include Seinfeld, Law and Order, 12 Kung-Fu episodes all as different characters as is with 8 episodes of Hawaii 5-0.

George Hrab

Multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, skeptic, podcaster, producer, composer and heliocentrist George Hrab has written and produced five independent CDs; published one book; performed for President Clinton; and traveled across the country, both as a drummer for the nationally recognized Philadelphia Funk Authority, and as Despot of The Geologic Orchestra.

John Hudgens

John Hudgens is a filmmaker/animator/artist who created several award-winning Star Wars parody films, Hgh us, a feature documentary on TV horror hosts, and has also worked on such varied properties as Babylon 5, Crimson Skies, MechWarrior, and the Star Wars PocketModel TCG.

Matt Hughes

"Matt Hughes' Ethereal Visions deliver a novel approach that is pioneering a new movement best defined as Gothic Art Nouveau." His work has appeared in Art Scene International, Realms of Fantasy, and 4 editions of Spectrum, No RX Hgh. Matt was awarded the prestigious "Best in Show" award at DragonCon 2007.

J. C. Hutchins

J.C. No RX Hgh, Hutchins is the author of the SF thriller trilogy 7th Son, the most-popular podcast novel series in history. Two of Hutchins' thriller novels -- including Book One in the trilogy, Descent -- will be published by St. Martin's Press in 2009.



Joe Jusko

Joe Jusko is undoubtedly one of the best known Fantasy, Pin-Up and Comic Artists in the world today. His career has spanned almost 30 years, starting with the sale of his very first cover for Heavy Metal Magazine in 1977 at the age of 17.


Stacy Keach

Probably best known around the world for his portrayal of the hard-boiled detective, Mike Hammer, Mr, No RX Hgh. Keach is also well-known among younger generations for his portrayal of the irascible, hilarious Dad, Ken Titus, in the Fox sitcom, Titus, and more recently as Warden Henry Pope in the hit series, Prison Break.

Bill Keel

Astronomer Bill Keel, author of "The Sky at Einstein's Feet" and "The Road to Galaxy Formation", has appeared at DragonCon since 2004. He has presented overnight "Live Astronomy" sessions, and spoken on cosmology, extrasolar planets, and space technology. New this year: the GalaxyZoo public-participation project. No RX Hgh, Sherrilyn Kenyon

#1 New York Times bestselling author, Sherrilyn Kenyon is an international phenomenon and the author of several series: Dark-Hunters, The League. Lords of Avalon and Nevermore. Her books always appear at the top of all national and international lists. She has over 11 millions copies of her books in print in 33 countries.

Nancy Knight

Nancy Knight is the award-winning author of novels, short stories, and plays and a partner in BelleBooks. Knight teaches creative writing and has taught writing workshops across the country, No RX Hgh. Her screenplay, Insanity du Jour, produced in 2007, Hgh japan, was a finalist in the Women in Film/More Magazine Film Competition.

Walter Koenig

Walter Koenig is best known for his role as Chekov on the original Star Trek series, and has recently revised the role on the internet series, New Voyages.

Alethea Kontis

Alethea Kontis is an essayist, editor, publisher, and New York Times bestselling author. Her works include Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter Companion, Beauty & Dynamite, and AlphaOops: The Day Z Went First. No RX Hgh, Tom Kratman

Tom Kratman, retired infantry officer and recovering attorney, writes for Baen. His works include (solo): A State of Disobedience, A Desert Called Peace, Carnifex, and Caliphate as well as (with John Ringo) Watch on the Rhine, Yellow Eyes and the Tuloriad (forthcoming).

George Krstic

George Krstic is an award-winning screenwriter known for his science fiction, comic book and animation work. Co-Creator of Megas XLR, Krstic is currently writing on Lucasfilm's new ?Clone Wars. series and has been tapped by horror director Ryuhei Kitamura (?Versus,. ?Midnight Meat Train?) to script Kitamura?s next feature, No RX Hgh.

Bonnie Kunzel

Bonnie Kunzel is a young adult librarian and the author of several books on science fiction and fantasy, including Fluent in Fantasy: The Next Generation with Diana Tixier Herald and Tamora Pierce with Susan Fichtelberg. She presents programs nationally on Science Fiction and Fantasy and Best Books for Young Adults.

Katherine Kurtz

An outstanding writer of high fantasy, Katherine is best-known for her epic, ground-breaking Chronicles of the Deryni.


Stephen & Suzie Lackey

Stephen and Suzie Lackey's first film production was the feature-length documentary film Fans and Freaks: The Culture of Comics and Conventions. No RX Hgh, The film covers Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Anime, Comic Book, and "Furry" fans throughout the Southeastern United States.

Rich Larson

As penciler in the Fastner & Larson art team, Rich Larson has had a claw in provocative illustrated fantasy since 1976. F&l's work has been collected into a dozen volumes, the latest of which are Tricks & Treats, Bed & Bondage 2 and the graphic novel Alien @ Large.

James Kyson Lee

James currently stars as "Ando" on NBC's critically acclaimed hit drama HEROES.

Mike Lee

Mike Lee is a novelist, scriptwriter and game designer best known for his highly popular Darkblade fantasy novels, co-written by bestselling author Dan Abnett. He has also written scripts for Funcom's highly-anticipated Age of Conan MMO, and Ubisoft Entertainment's Blazing Angels: Secret Missions of World War II, No RX Hgh.

Elizabeth Leggett

Elizabeth Leggett has recently become a writer for White Wolf. Once merely an artist and collaborator, she is now a published writer for White Wolf Publishing. She was responsible for three of the breeds represented in "World of Darkness: Changing Breeds"...The Laughing Strangers, 750mg Hgh, The SpinnerKin and The Horned Folk.

Rob Levy

Rob has been published in several Doctor Who fanzines. No RX Hgh, Serves as managing editor for the Time Lord Times. Pop culture writer for St. Louis Magazine, film editor for and columnist and co-conspirator behind the music forum for President of the STL CIA Doctor Who fan club.

J F Lewis

J. F, No RX Hgh. Lewis is the author of STAKED, an urban fantasy novel published by Pocket Books in March 2008. Jeremy is a member of both the SFWA and HWA. In his spare time, he maintains the SFWA Pressbook.

Joseph Michael Linsner

Michael Linsner has become one of the comic book industry's most celebrated artists; Cry for Dawn Volume I, published in 1989, marked his debut. No RX Hgh, Lips Down on Dixie Theatrical
Lips Down On Dixie is an Atlanta-based Rocky Horror Picture Show cast troupe which performs weekly midnight shows.

Richard C Livingston

Richard C Livingston is a conceptutal artist for the Sci-Fi Channel Series Battlestar Galactica, for both the television Miniseries and Seasons 1-4. Designing the Colonial One, Cylon hover transport, Cloud Nine and many more. He recently completed work Battlestar Galactica: Razor, where he designed the Scorpion shipyards and the retro Cylons.

Todd Livingston

Todd Livingston is a filmmaker and comic book creator. His webcomic AMERICA JR was recently voted Best Comic Strip on and is currently collected in two trade paperbacks published by Image Comics, No RX Hgh.

Robert Llewellyn

Robert played Kryten in the Emmy award winning BBC series Red Dwarf from 1989 to 1998. He has appeared on many other TV shows including JunkYard Wars on Discovery

Gareth David Lloyd

Gareth David Lloyd is a Welsh actor best known for his role as Ianto Jones in the British science fiction television program Torchwood.

Jake Lloyd

Jake Lloyd is an American actor who gained worldwide fame when he was chosen by George Lucas to play the young Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, the first film in the Star Wars prequel trilogy.

Kelly Lockhart

Kelly Lockhart is well-known as the overseer of the long-running and very popular Robot Battles. No RX Hgh, He is also a very experienced voice actor, who has lent his voice talents to over 150 infomercials and corporate training films as well as over 2,000 radio and television commercials in the past two decades.

Cirroc Lofton

Cirroc Lofton played the regular role of Jake Sisko on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine beginning in 1993. Although he watched the original Star Trek series and was a fan, Lofton prefers The Twilight Zone. He made his first acting appearance in the 1992 hit film Beethoven. He was cast as Jake Sisko later that year. Filming DS9 kept him busy, but he made his first guest appearance in an 1996 episode of Moesha, No RX Hgh. He later made two guest appearances in Smart Guy as two different characters. Soon after DS9 ended, he was a main cast member on The Hoop Life.

Daniel Logan

Daniel's most recent project was starring in "The Legend of Johnny Lingo." At the top of this young actors growing resume sits "STAR WARS: Episode II - Attack of the Clones," with the coveted role of Boba Fett, winning the part, out of thousand who tried out, 100mg Hgh, after just one audition.

Dean Lorey

After a 15 year career in film and TV (ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, MAJOR PAYNE), Emmy-Nominated screenwriter Dean Lorey's newest project is the young adult book series NIGHTMARE ACADEMY. No RX Hgh, Published in over 20 countries and optioned by Universal, the second book in the series (MONSTER MADNESS) will be on shelves this September.

John Lotshaw

John Lotshaw is a cartoonist, animator and the owner of Moonbase LLC, the publishers of "Kevin & Kell" by Bill Holbrook, among other webcomics.


Jonathan Maberry

Jonathan Maberry is the Bram Stoker Award-winning author of 20 books.

Scott MacMillan

Scott MacMillan (occasionally known as Mr. Katherine Kurtz) was educated at the University of Southern California and the American Film Institute. He has been a film-maker, an award-winning editor of Western fiction, a world-class black-powder shootist, a mounted police officer, a novelist, a screenwriter, a reserve army officer, a vintage car enthusiast, an expert on antique arms and armour, and an avid student of heraldry, military history, crumbling castles, chivalry, and Scottish and Irish heritage, No RX Hgh.

Sean Maguire

On American television, Sean has had lead roles in the series Off Centre, created by the Weitz Brothers for the WB, Eve for UPN and last season's comedy series The Class for CBS, created by Jeffrey Klarik and David Crane (Friends).

Don Maitz

Don Maitz has produced outstanding work in fantastic realism. For 25 years, he has produced narrative paintings containing fantasy, science fiction, and historical images.

Racheline Maltese

Racheline Maltese is the author of The Book of Harry Potter Trifles, Trivias and Particularities, a three-volume series published by Sterling & Ross. No RX Hgh, She is also the SF/F Literature Correspondent for and a blogger for Illusion TV. She is a regular program participant at conventions.


Marrus, an award-winning artist, is currently writing an illustrated autobiography. She began inking for Valiant and ElfQuest, but has since created book & album covers, illustrated for magazines & RPGs, and has body painted for fashion shows & music videos. In her spare time, she storyboards for the film industry.

James Marsters

James Marsters may best be known around the world for his ever-popular cult character "Spike," the punk-goth vampire he played on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, No RX Hgh. A fan favorite, Marsters has received and been nominated for numerous awards worldwide.

Gail Z. Martin

Gail Z. Martin is the author of The Chronicles of the Necromancer fantasy adventure series, including The Summoner (2007) and The Blood King (2008), with Dark Haven (forthcoming 2009). No RX Hgh, Lee Martindale

Lee Martindale?s short stories have appeared in numerous anthologies, including Turn the Other Chick, Catopolis, LowPort, Outside The Box, A Time To..., Sword & Sorceress, several Bubbas of the Apocalypse anthos, and three collections from Yard Dog Press. She also edited the groundbreaking Such A Pretty Face, Hgh ebay.

Nathan Massengill

Nathan Massengill is an inker for Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse. His upcoming work includes "Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods" and "Marvel Adventures: Hulk". He has recently completed a "Wonder Girl" miniseries for DC comics.

Anne McCaffrey

Anne McCaffrey is best known for her series The Dragonriders of Pern, No RX Hgh.

Todd McCaffrey

New York Times Bestselling author Todd Johnson McCaffrey is most noted for his books in the Dragonriders of Pern series, both solo and in collaboration with his mother, Anne McCaffrey. Visit his website at

Mighty Rassilon Art Players Theatrical
For over 20 years The Mighty Rassilon Art Players have shown audiences their own unique view of many TV series and movies popular with SF fans, including Star Trek, Doctor Who, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Harry Potter.

Kara Mikos

Kara Mikos was first published in Vampire, The Masquerade. She works in the legal profession helping injured parties fight for their rights. No RX Hgh, She spoke at DragonCon 2006 about 1st Amendment rights and pornography, returned last year to speak about 4th, 5th and 6th Amendments with the movie BUSTED!, working with EFF.

Rebecca Moesta

Rebecca Moesta (pronounced MESS-tuh) has authored or coauthored more than 30 books, including the Crystal Doors series for Young Adults, the award-winning Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights series, and two graphic novels with husband Kevin J. Anderson. Her short fiction has appeared in Analog magazine as well as numerous anthologies.

Phil Morris

Morris portrayed the DC Comics superhero The Martian Manhunter in the January 25, 2007 episode of the CW television series Smallville, which is a recurring but small character in the series so far. He reprised that role on the show's sixth season finale on May 17, 2007, as well as the episodes Bizarro and Cure in the seventh season, No RX Hgh. He voiced the villain Imperiex on Legion of Superheroes.

Tee Morris

Tee Morris is an award-nominated author, award-nominated podcaster, and co-founder of

Devon Murray

Devon Murray's acting career began in the film "This is my Father" which opened the door to an abundance of opportunities on the big screen. "Angela's Ashes" closely followed by "Yesterday's Children" increased Devon's worldwide recognition, paving the way to his role of Seamus Finnegan in the "Harry Potter" series, which has taken the world by storm.

Sabutai Musashi
Subatai Musashi began his training as a young boy in 1966 under Grandmaster Yoshiaki Musashi from whom he inherited the title of Grandmaster and the Ninkage ryu bujutsu style. No RX Hgh, Undefeated in bare knuckle, full-contact fighting, he was inducted into the United States Karate Alliance (USKA) Hall of Fame in July 1992


Bobby Nash

Bobby Nash writes comics (Life In The Faster Lane, Fuzzy Bunnies From Hell, Bubba The Redneck Werewolf, Demonslayer, Jungle Fantasy, Yin Yang) and prose (Evil Ways, Fantastix, Lance Star: Sky Ranger, Startling Stories, Domino Lady, Sentinels Widescreen Special Edition).

Jody Lynn Nye

Jody Lynn Nye wrote The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern and has collaborated with Anne McCaffrey on Crisis on Doona, Treaty on Doona, and The Ship Who Won.

David Nykl

David Nykl is known to science fiction fans as the recurring Stargate Atlantis character of Dr. Radek Zelenka, a Czech scientist on Earth's expedition to the "lost city" of Atlantis. His character often provides a foil to the main scientists, Hgh india, who forget the limits of their situation.


Kathie Olivas

Kathie Olivas is a multi-media artist who resides with her husband and fellow artist, Brandt Peters, in Tampa, FL and Albuquerque, NM, No RX Hgh. At 31, she has been featured in numerous galleries across the globe and is represented in the permanent collection at the Tampa Museum of Art. She received her bachelor's degree in visual arts from the University of South Florida.

Jana Oliver

Jana G. Oliver Best known for her Time Rovers Series, Jana loves to play in the back alleys of Jack the Ripper's London and in the "utopia" of 2057. No RX Hgh, A multi-award winning author, she's most at home when conducting "research' in London's Victorian pubs.

Heather Osborn

Heather Osborn is the editor in charge of Tor Publishing's paranormal romance line. A longtime fan of science fiction, fantasy, and romance, she is happy to be doing a job that mashes all of her interests together to form one awesome subgenre.

Terri Osborne

Terri Osborne took us from the back streets of New York City to the Gamma Quadrant in her forays into Star Trek's universe. This year, it's off to Ancient England alongside Doctor Who. Now, it's the Ireland of yesterday, New York of tomorrow, and everywhere (and everywhen) in between, No RX Hgh.

Jan Osburg

Dr. Jan Osburg works for a national think tank, focusing on projects related to security policy, aerospace and communications technology, and emergency preparedness.


David Palfy

David Palffy is a Canadian actor of Hungarian extraction who is best known for his recurring roles as the powerful Goa'uld Sokar and Anubis in Stargate SG-1. He has made guest appearances in other science fiction series such as on The X-Files, First Wave, Blade: The Series, and Andromeda. No RX Hgh, Ray Park

Ray Park portrayed the taciturn but nimble villain Darth Maul in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace; he's also done stunt-double work in Sleepy Hollow and Mortal Kombat: Annihilation.

Buzz Parker

Buzz is now the illustrator of Emily The Strange comic books and lends his talents to the clothing line, hardcover books, and upcoming juvenile fiction series.

D.M. Paul

D.M. Paul is the author of the One Wizard Place series of books?a fantasy trilogy geared to young adult readers. He has a graduate degree in Aerospace Engineering, and has recently opened a book and graphic novel publishing company intended to get new authors into the field, No RX Hgh.

Lars Pearson

Lars Pearson is one of the foremost experts on "Doctor Who" in North America, having authored or edited 11 books on the topic. His publishing company, Mad Norwegian Press, specializes in reference guides to SF series, including "Angel" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

Carlos Pedraza

Carlos Pedraza is a writer-producer of ?Star Trek: New Voyages,. and ?Star Trek: First Voyages,. and ?Star Trek: Hidden Frontier.. No RX Hgh, David Gerrold authorized Carlos to rewrite and produce his controversial TNG script, ?Blood and Fire.. Carlos, Hgh mexico. work was featured in Variety, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, BBC and NY Times.

Tahmoh Penikett

Tahmoh stars as Lieutenant Karl "Helo" Agathon on the Emmy Nominated Sci Fi series Battlestar Galactica and has recently been received a starring role in Joss Whedon's Dollhouse

Brandt Peters

The subject of Brandt's paintings is a world of creepy side-show icons, deviant Animalia, and 'masked' glorified cartoon alter egos. Brandt is currently working on several designer toy projects with MINDstyle and Wheaty Wheat Studios as well as developing his own animation projects including his well known Slap-Happy. property, No RX Hgh.

Anne C. Petty

Writer Anne Petty has published three books on J.R.R. Tolkien, a dark fantasy novel, and numerous articles on fantasy lit and mythology. She gives seminars on Tolkien and pop culture, fantasy writing in general, and publishing. No RX Hgh, Anne is the owner of the small press, Kitsune Books.

Robert Picardo

An accomplished actor and Yale graduate, Robert Picardo starred as the Doctor in Star Trek: Voyager and can boast of dozens of other appearances in film, TV, and the stage.

Tamora Pierce

Tamora Pierce is a #1 New York Times bestselling author and has written twenty-five books, including her latest, Melting Stones, released by Full Cast Audio in fall of 2007. Also recently released: White Tiger: A Hero's Compulsion, the Marvel Comics series she co-wrote with her husband, Timothy Liebe.

Phil Plait

Phil Plait is a professional astronomer and writer. On his blog, Bad Astronomy (the 2007 Weblog Best Science Blog winner) he debunks myths about astronomy, and defends science against attack both political and religious, No RX Hgh. His latest book, Death from the Skies!, is about astronomical events wiping out life on Earth.

Van Allen Plexico

Comics commentator, editor, professor, and pulp writer Van Plexico created and edited ASSEMBLED. Five Decades of Earth?s Mightiest and the upcoming ASSEMBLED. 2. No RX Hgh, He?s had numerous SF novels, stories, and nonfiction articles published by White Rocket, Wild Cat Books, Airship 27,, and A Thousand Faces quarterly magazine.

Eric Powell

Eric Powell has worked in is the comics field since 1995, 1000mg Hgh, but his true success came with the launch of his critically acclaimed dark comedy series, The Goon.

Cherie Priest

Cherie Priest is the author of four novels: Four and Twenty Blackbirds, Wings to the Kingdom, Not Flesh nor Feathers, (all from Tor) and Dreadful Skin (Subterranean Press). She also contributes stories and articles for magazines and websites, including Weird Tales, Subterranean Magazine, Noctem Aeternus, and Apex Digest.

David Prowse

David Prowse has played many roles, but we'll always know him best as the man behind Darth Vader's sinister mask.



Benjamin Radford

Benjamin Radford is an investigator and editor of two science magazines, author of three books, and columnist for Skeptical Inquirer and, No RX Hgh. Radford has scientifically investigated the paranormal and "unexplained" for a decade. Radford has appeared on CNN, History Channel, Learning Channel, BBC, etc. Web site:

James Randi

A former professional magician, he is one of the major figures in the international skeptics community, a founder of the Committee for Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal - now known as the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry - and president of the James Randi Educational Foundation, headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. No RX Hgh, Rob Reger

Rob Reger is the creator of Emily the Strange.

Mike Resnick

Mike Resnick is, according to Locus, the all-time leading award winner for short fiction, and 4th on the all-time list when you add in novels and non-fiction. He has 5 Hugos, and a handful of bestsellers.

John D. Ringo

John Ringo is a multiple best-selling author of science fiction, fiction and military fiction. He is a world-traveller and a veteran of the 82nd Airborne Division, No RX Hgh.

Scott Rorie

Scott is a free-lance, award winning, sci-fi/fantasy/pin-up artist from Cary,NC. His work includes celebrity portraits as well as pin-ups of seductive yet strong women.

Selina Rosen

Selina Rosen?s stories have appeared in several magazines and anthologies. Some of her fourteen published novels include Queen of Denial, Chains of Freedom, 500mg Hgh, Strange Robby, Fire & Ice, Bad Lands (with Laura J. No RX Hgh, Underwood), and Sword Masters. She owns Yard Dog Press and created their Bubbas of the Apocalypse universe.

Michael Rosenbaum

Michael Rosenbaum has displayed his versatility as an actor by tackling diverse roles. Equally adept at comedy and drama, Rosenbaum has played characters ranging from a transvestite to a crazed fraternity boy to the intriguing Lex Luthor.


Rowena is one of the well known names in the world of science-fiction and fantasy illustration. During a career that has spanned three decades her paintings have appeared on hundreds of book covers, on calendars, portfolios, trading cards and in magazines such as Playboy, Omni, Art Scene International, and Print Magazine, No RX Hgh. Books of her own work have included The Fantastic Art of Rowena, Imagine (in France), Imagination (in Germany), and The Art of Rowena. She has also been included in many anthologies, such as, Tomorrow and Beyond and Infinite Worlds. Rowena began her career in New York City where she lived for sixteen years. She presently resides in Upstate New York gaining creative inspiration from the beautiful countryside. No RX Hgh, Steve Rude

Steve Rude is widely known for his comic book series, Nexus, created with co-author Mike Baron.

Tony Ruggiero

Tony Ruggiero seeds his science fiction, horror, and fantasy into current world events. He is best recognized for his military vampires in the Team of Darkness Chronicles series, Operation Immortal Servitude, and Operation Save the Innocent, which he describes as a wild copulation of Anne Rice and Tom Clancy.


Katee Sackhoff

Sackhoff's rough and ready portrayal of hotshot pilot Kara "Starbuck" Thrace has been stealing scenes on the critically acclaimed Battlestar Galactica for years now, turning heads and winning a Saturn award along the way.

Mike Sakuta

Nicole Harsch and Mike Sakuta are the Crossed Swords. For over 20 years, their Crossed Swords Stage Combat Shows have been seen across the continental U.S, No RX Hgh. and Canada at renaissance festivals and science fiction conventions and, of course, previous Dragon*Cons.

Brandon Winn Sanderson

Brandon Sanderson writes epic fantasy books for Tor Books and children's fantasy books for Scholastic Press. In 2007, it was announced that he would be completing Robert Jordan's epic masterpiece, THE WHEEL OF TIME. Brandon is a two-time Campbell award nominee; his books have been published in fourteen languages. No RX Hgh, Steve Sansweet

Steve Sansweet is the author or co-author of fourteen books (twelve of them on the Star Wars saga), writes columns and feature articles for magazines, and travels the world as Lucasfilm's liaison to Star Wars fans everywhere.

Richard Saunders

Richard Saunders is one of Australia's media commentators on claims of the paranormal and supernatural. A regular on TV and radio, Richard brings a skeptical approach to such claims. Richard is also the host and producer of the TANK Vodcast, the world's only skeptical YouTube Vodcast. Hgh coupon, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

Elizabeth Ann Scarborough is the author of 22 solo novels and 14 novels written in collaboration with Anne McCaffrey. Scarborough is the 1989 Nebula winner for Best Novel for The Healer's War, No RX Hgh.

Jason Schneiderman

Jason Schneiderman is a neuroscientist who has worked for NASA, the National Space Biomedical Institute, and the National Institutes of Health.

Randal L. Schwartz

Professional computer author (10 books, 255 magazine articles), podcaster (FLOSS Weekly, Insight Cruises News) and speaker (open source, programming, and web development conferences). Past D*C guest for five years. No RX Hgh, Steve Scott

You no doubt have seen the work of Smallville artist, Steve Scott if you are a fan of the hit TV show. Steve is one of those rare creators who has had the opportunity to transcend the print media, with his work now seen on episodes of the runaway blockbuster.

Stephen H Segal

The new editorial & creative director of Weird Tales -- the legendary fantasy magazine that gave birth to Cthulhu, Conan, and Solomon Kane -- Stephen H. Segal is the architect of the current Weird Tales revival, including a wide array of 85th anniversary celebrations throughout 2008.

Josepha Sherman

Josepha Sherman is a fantasy and SF writer/editor and folklorist who has written everything from Star Trek to a bio of Bill Gates. Current titles: STAR TREK: VULCAN?S SOUL with Susan Shwartz, and MYTHOLOGY FOR STORYTELLERS, No RX Hgh. See or

Dr. Michael Shermer

Dr. Michael Shermer is the Founding Publisher of Skeptic magazine, the Executive Director of the Skeptics Society, a monthly columnist for Scientific American, the host of the Skeptics Distinguished Science Lecture Series at Caltech, and Adjunct Professor of Economics at Claremont Graduate University. No RX Hgh, Scott Sigler

Scott's first major hardcover release INFECTED, a horror/thriller, is out from Crown Publishing on April 1, 2008. After building a huge online following by podcasting his novels, Scott hit #1 on with his scifi/thriller ANCESTOR. INFECTED been optioned for a movie by Rogue Pictures (Shawn of the Dead).

Cliff Simon

Cliff plays Ba'al in Stargate: SG-1.

Bradley H Sinor

Brad Sinor has published more than sixty sf and fantasy stories in antholgies from DAW and Ace Books among others He has three short story collections, In The Shadows, Playing With Secrets and Dark and Stormy Nights. He has also written for Starlog and other magazines, No RX Hgh.

Susan Sizemore

New York Times & USA Today bestselling author of romance and fantasy vampire fiction, Susan Sizemore is the author of the vampire series, Laws of the Blood.

Alison Michelle Smith

Alison Smith is the Founder of Skeptical Analysis of the Paranormal Society and a Research Assistant for the James Randi Educational Foundation, where she helps develop initial protocols for the Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge.

John C. Snider

John C, Hgh paypal. Snider is the editor of the online science fiction magazine No RX Hgh, , published since February 2000. He's also the co-host, along with David Driscoll, of the new skeptical podcast

Kevin Sorbo

Kevin Sorbo rose to international stardom in the title role of the hit series, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, but has become equally well known as "Dylan Hunt" in the science fiction series, Gene Roddenberry?s Andromeda.

Jewel Staite

Jewel Staite recently joined the cast of the Sci-Fi hit Stargate:Atlantis as ?Dr. Keller?, in addition to shooting the lead role in the feature The Tribe, which depicts the story of five young adults shipwrecked on a deserted island off the coast of Latin America where they encounter a lost tribe of savages.

Jeanne C, No RX Hgh. Stein

In the last 18 months, national bestselling author Jeanne C. Stein has had three novels and two short stories published. The novels are part of the popular Anna Strong Vampire Chronicles, of which the fourth, The Legacy, is scheduled for a September release.

Paul Stevens

Paul Stevens is an Associate Editor with Tor Books. No RX Hgh, He acquires a wide range of books specializing in science fiction and fantasy. Some of his recent books are The Automatic Detective by A. Lee Martinez, and Dark Harvest by Norman Partridge.

Karen Stollznow

Karen Stollznow is an Academic, Author and Associate Editor of The Skeptic magazine. Karen is a paranormal investigator (of the skeptical kind) and writes insatiably for her websites Bad Language: and the Skepbitch blog:

Eric James Stone

Eric James Stone is an award-winning science fiction and fantasy author whose professional credits include venues such as Analog, Baen's Universe, Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show, Writers of the Future, and Kevin J, No RX Hgh. Anderson's Blood Lite anthology of humorous horror.

William Stout

William Stout is America's leading dinosaur illustrator. His one-man show Dinosaurs, Penguins and Whales - The Wildlife of Antarctica has toured the art galleries of the world.

Gillian Summers

Gillian Summer's YA fantasy novel THE TREE SHEPHERD'S DAUGHTER debuted last year at DragonCon and was quickly optioned for film. No RX Hgh, This year book two in the Faire Folk Trilogy, INTO THE WILDEWOOD continues the adventure. Gillian Summers is the pseudonym of authors Berta Platas and Michelle Roper.


George Takei

Among George's many credits is the one that time itself will never diminish: he portrayed Lieutenant Sulu in the Star Trek that started it all.

Dave Tango

Jonathan Tarbox

Jonathan Tarbox is the Senior Editor of Raijin Comics, Group Editor of CMX manga.

Sean Taylor

Sean Taylor is managing editor of Elfin Kids graphic novels, based on literature and historical biographies, writer of Gene Simmons Dominatrix by IDW Publishing, and Shan: Be My Hero for VLE Comics, Last Chance School for Girls for Arcana Comics, The Veil for Rogue Wolf Entertainment.

Mark Texeira

"Ghost Rider", "Moonknight" artist, No RX Hgh. 250mg Hgh, Clients: New York Magazine; Scholastic; MCI; Def Jam; Marvel; DC; Harris Publications; Wizards Of The Coast; Wizard Magazine; Image; Black Bull Entertainment; Continuity; Fleer/Skybox. You know him currently from Maxim Magazine covers, showcasing his fine-art style, as well as his continuing movie and comics work.

Greg Theakston

Greg Theakston Greg Theakston has been in the publishing business since 1967. Since then he's been around the publishing doing lots of jobs. No RX Hgh, Theakston assisted Jim Steranko and Neal Adams, illustrated hundreds of paintings for dozens of publishers. He has reconstructed over 10,000 pages of comic art using his Theakstonizing process. Greg was a regular illustrator at MAD Magazine for a decade.

J.M. Tuffley

J.M. Tuffley writes about Pop Culture for, where he contributes assorted news and rants, and co-moderates the site's music forum, No RX Hgh. He also runs his own media experiments on the aptly titled

Clifton Tunnell

Cliff Tunnell is a registered patent attorney, who is licensed to practice law in Alabama and Georgia. His legal specialty is in the field of Intellectual Property Law, including patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

Harry Turtledove

Harry Turtledove is an American historian and prolific novelist who has written historical fiction, fantasy, and science fiction works. No RX Hgh, He is probably the best-known and most popular author of the genre of alternate history.


Laura J. Underwood

Laura J. Underwood is the author of such novels as DRAGON'S TONGUE, HOUNDS OF ARDAGH, BAD LANDS with Selina Rosen and forthcoming ANGELS OF MERCY.


Andy Vetromile

Andy Vetromile writes, reviews, and edits games and fiction. He edited GURPS Britannica-6 and Spaceships 2 and co-authored Margaret Weis Productions' Demon Hunters RPG, No RX Hgh. He has fiction in Flying Pen's "Of Dice and Pen," and he's editing HARP's AfterWorlds and a raft of Steve Jackson's e23 releases.

Voltaire Musical
Voltaire is often described as a modern day renaissance man. He is a singer/ performer, creator of comic books, animation and toys


Jeffrey Joseph Wagg

General Manager of the James Randi Educational Foundation, Jeff spoke at several events at Dragon*Con last year in support of science and skepticism.

Jean Marie Ward

Jean Marie Ward?s resume spans government public relations, local access cable, features for and ROMANCE WRITERS REPORT, and eight years as editor of the respected web magazine CRESCENT BLUES. No RX Hgh, WITH NINE YOU GET VANYR, the fantasy novel she wrote with the late Teri Smith, was published in 2007.

Margaret Weis

Margaret Weis has written the Star of the Guardians space epic and has co-authored over two dozen bestselling fantasy novels, including DragonLance, 10mg Hgh, one of the most popular fantasy series of all time.

Toni Weisskopf

Toni Weisskopf succeeded Jim Baen as publisher of Baen Books, a leading publisher of sf, fantasy and an innovator in ebooks, in 2006. For Baen she's edited three original hard sf anthologies, most recently Transhuman, with sf author Mark L. Van Name.

Adam West

After 7 years in Tinseltown, he achieved fame in 1966, in his signature role as Batman, in the wildly popular ABC TV series, No RX Hgh. (Though he has over 60 movie and over 80 TV guest appearance credits, Batman is what the fans remember him for.) The "Batman" (1966) TV series, which lasted three seasons, made him not just nationally but internationally famous.

Mark I. West

Mark I. West is a Professor of English at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, where he teaches courses on children's and young adult literature. No RX Hgh, He has published numerous books and articles on fantasy literature.

M. B. Weston

M. B. Weston is the author of The Elysian Chronicles, a fantasy series about guardian angel warfare., and is currently working on the third book in the series A gifted orator, Weston often speaks at writers conferences, classrooms, and fantasy conventions about the craft of writing and getting published, No RX Hgh.

C.L. Wilson

CL Wilson is a NY Times bestselling author of romantic fantasy novels, LORD OF THE FADING LANDS and LADY OF LIGHT AND SHADOWS. She won the PEARL award for Best New Author of 2007; and was awarded Best Paranormal Debut if 2007 by's Romance B(u)y the book.

Grant Wilson

Grant is one of the hosts of the Scifi Channels hit show Ghost Hunters and one of the founders of TAPS, The Atlantic Paranormal Society. No RX Hgh, He is also a musician, artist and writer.

Michael Wolff

For over twenty years I've been a book critic and correspondent for Starlog magazine, as well as a freelance writer. Among my work I've had a handful of comic book scripts published by DC, Comico and Misc!MAYHEM.

Bernie Wrightson

Bernie Wrightson is best known for co-creating Swamp Thing, illustrating Shelley?s Frankenstein, collaborating with Stephen King (illustrating The Stand, Cycle of the Werewolf); he?s worked on Spiderman, Batman, The Punisher and City of Others with Steve Niles. Sample film design: Ghostbusters, Galaxy Quest, Spiderman, The Mist.

Janny Wurts

Artist and accomplished author, Janny Wurts painted the covers to her fifteen published novels and short story collection, No RX Hgh. Her works have been translated into 13 languages, worldwide, and a fantasy painting hangs in the illustration wing of the Delaware Art Museum. She also co-wrote the Empire trilogy with Raymond E. Feist.



Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

A professional writer for forty years, Yarbro has sold eighty-five books and more than ninety works of short fiction, essays, and reviews. No RX Hgh, She also composes serious music. She lives in her hometown . Berkeley, California . with three autocratic cats. In 2003, the World Horror Association presented her with a Grand Master award; the International Horror Guild honored her as a Living Legend in 2006.

Dean Yeagle

Dean Yeagle has produced, directed, designed and animated innumerable TV commercials and CD-ROMs, with clients across the United States and Europe. Dean was named Animator of the Year by the National Cartoonists Society. He also does work for corporate clients, designing characters for various products, and works on a continuing series of children's books, designs the occasional toy, and contributes cartoons to Playboy magazine.

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