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05 Sep

Scooter Basks in Success ! ! !

Just a quick teaser of Scooter posing at the END of the ConSluts party with our contest winners. If you cant see they had a good time then click the pic to go full screen or check back as we load up all the photo coverage!

02 Sep

Thank You For The Love

Thank you all for attending our first party to make it a huge success. Scooter went way over the top in organiing this and my hat is off to him! We are already planning our next party and I havent even left Dragoncon yet. So you will need to check into the board at […]

26 Aug

Important Announcement!

Alright folks, this thing has seriously blown up and the word is out. I’ll even go as far to say that our little viral marketing attempt has all but come back and bitten us in the ass. In other words, we’re staring at some serious capacity concerns. With that in mind, we’ve been forced to […]

14 Aug

Update on Party Swag! w00t!

Scooter here! So I got my second shipment of party favors today and we still have some things coming! Anyway, I thought I’d give you a run down of the stuff we’ll have. Some of these things will be part of the prize packs for contest winners, but we’ll also have a lot of stuff […]

14 Aug

2007 BLT Party!

Alright folks, as you know we’re throwing the Official launch party on Friday, Aug. 31 at the Atlanta Hyatt Regency and we’ve finally got some more details for ya. First of all, this is a BLT party, which stands for Bikini, Lingerie, and Toga.  With that in mind, yes, there is a dress code […]

07 Aug Launch Party

Hi Everyone, Scooter here. As mentioned below, we’re kicking off with a launch party at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA on Aug. 31, 2007 in the Hyatt Regency. The details are really starting to come together and I can promise you that this will not be a party that you’ll forget anytime soon. See, I’m […]

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