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20 Aug

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Thanks to your fellow sluts Joe And Seme

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30 Apr

Buy Clonidine No Prescription

Plans are underway to bring back our legendary DragonCon Buy Clonidine No Prescription, party once again after taking a year off.

Dont miss out and get in on the early stages of planning, Clonidine canada. 50mg Clonidine, Join in the conversation in the forum with this thread

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30 Jul

Buy Clonidine Over The Counter

Buy Clonidine Over The Counter, Alright folks, so we still have room for some more revelers at the ConSluts Party during Dragon*Con'08. 150mg Clonidine, If you're not familiar with how this party works, here's the information as we have it right now, Clonidine uk. Clonidine usa, As far as getting your invite to the party, as we've said in the past, Clonidine mexico, 200mg Clonidine, it's all about participation. With that in mind, 250mg Clonidine, Clonidine india, one of our final contests for invitations to the party is as follows.

1, 10mg Clonidine. Post on the forum and post often, buy Clonidine Over The Counter. 30mg Clonidine, Of course, we'll frown upon spam or constant thread bumping, Clonidine japan. Clonidine canada, However, if you come to he forums and start interesting threads that get a lot of participation, Clonidine craiglist, Clonidine overseas, you'll have a good shot at snagging an invitation.

2, Clonidine coupon. 50mg Clonidine, Upload your convention photos (Dragon*Con or otherwise) by creating galleries on the forums. Buy Clonidine Over The Counter, 3. Spread the word about, 1000mg Clonidine. 40mg Clonidine, Mention us in a bulletin on MySpace encouraging other convention attendees to have a look or add us in your top friends.  Link us from your LiveJournal, Twitter, Clonidine ebay, 500mg Clonidine, etc. If you have your own convention related site, 750mg Clonidine, Clonidine paypal, link us.

Basically, 100mg Clonidine, 20mg Clonidine, the folks that really embrace this stuff and really make an effort to make the site it's intended to be, a community for adult convention enthusiasts, Clonidine australia, Clonidine us, will get the invites set aside for this promotion. This contest will go one for the next couple of weeks, buy Clonidine Over The Counter. Specifically, we'll announce the winners by Aug. 15. We're dedicating around 20 invites to this so there's room for several people to get in on the fun.

So for those of you who really want to be a part of our festivities, here's your chance.

Remember, our sponsors for this party, Pink Visual, Yappo, Babeland, and Adam & Eve have provided tons of stuff for us to give away. Most everyone who attends will walk out with some very gifts including sex toys and some free porn. There's a lot of awesome stuff for the taking, but the only way to get it is to come to the party..

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18 Jul

Where Can I Buy Aldactone

HustlerArticle Where Can I Buy Aldactone, Are we kidding. Nope! is mentioned prominently in the October issue of Hustler, Aldactone us, Aldactone overseas, perhaps the best known hardcore men's magazine in the world.

In the article entitled "Confessions of a ConSlut" (see full-sized image of the first page here), roving reporter and genital melting hottie, 50mg Aldactone, 10mg Aldactone, Sun Karma, gives Hustler readers an inside view of the adult side of fan conventions, Aldactone craiglist, Aldactone canada, specifically Dragon*Con. Sun told the story of her experience at last year's Launch party and and also mentioned our buddies over at Wolf Pack Elite for their amazing party skills.

The establishment over at Dragon*Con are probably gonna shit their pants, Aldactone mexico, 100mg Aldactone, but with any luck, it will help them realize that even their best efforts simply cannot keep the more adult oriented content that comes with such an event from happening, 20mg Aldactone. 30mg Aldactone, You can take the adult programming out of the convention, but you can't take the the adults themselves out of the convention.

That said, 200mg Aldactone, 1000mg Aldactone, thanks a million to Sun Karma. We'll see ya at con, Aldactone coupon, Aldactone uk, gorgeous!

-Scott "Scooter" McGowan

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17 Jul

Temovate For Sale

ScooterSpat Temovate For Sale, Alright folks, all your questions are answered... 500mg Temovate, ...Well, most of them at least, Temovate craiglist. Temovate mexico, Since we're less than 45 days out, we figured it was about time to let everyone in on all the information we have, 250mg Temovate. Temovate australia, Everything has really come together in the past couple of weeks and we're very happy about that. We were smart this year and start planning very, Temovate uk, 750mg Temovate, very early. Last time, we didn't really start planning until about this time last year, Temovate For Sale. That was a big mistake we won't repeat again, Temovate japan. 150mg Temovate, Either way, for all the juicy details on this year's party at Dragon*Con, 50mg Temovate, Temovate coupon, head on over to this thread on the Forums.

I'm gettin' excited, Temovate ebay, 10mg Temovate, folks. Here's hopin' you are as well, 20mg Temovate. 40mg Temovate, -Scott "Scooter" McGowan. Temovate india. Temovate paypal. Temovate us. Temovate usa. 30mg Temovate. Temovate canada. Temovate overseas. 1000mg Temovate. 100mg Temovate. 200mg Temovate.

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15 Jul

Where Can I Buy Temovate

alcohol Where Can I Buy Temovate, Okay, here's a good way to score an invite to our (finally starting to come together) party at Dragon*Con 2008.

Instead of doing full bar service, Temovate overseas, 30mg Temovate, which would be next to impossible for us to do properly, we've decided to go the same route we did last year and offer two punches prepared before all of you Con Sluts arrive, Temovate coupon. 200mg Temovate, Last year we did a rum punch that people really seemed to dig (we nearly ran out) so we're going to do it again. It's on the sweet side, Temovate ebay, 500mg Temovate, so we were thinking of trying to do something else that would be a little more sour or tart.

So, 250mg Temovate, Temovate craiglist, with that said, if you don't have an invitation to the party and would like to come, 1000mg Temovate, Temovate australia, here's a good chance for you to get one for you and a couple of friends. If you make a recipe suggestion and we decide to use it, Temovate canada, 50mg Temovate, we'll get you an invite to say thanks.

So, 100mg Temovate, Temovate us, enough yacking from me. Go post your recipes in this thread over on the forums, Temovate uk. 750mg Temovate, -Scott "Scooter" McGowan. 40mg Temovate. Temovate india. Temovate usa. Temovate paypal. Temovate japan. 10mg Temovate. 150mg Temovate. Temovate mexico. 20mg Temovate.

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10 Jul

Discount Petcam

ConeHeadYesterday we ran a little contest yesterday to give away our first official invitations to our Party at Dragon*Con 2008.

Discount Petcam, Things went better than we had expected and we had our five winners in less than 2 hours. 10mg Petcam, So not only would we like to say congratualations to the winners, but also thank them for being involved in the site.

Here are our winners and the galleries they submitted to the site:

  • NotYou made everyone look like they were moving backwards by uploading this gallery within just a few minutes of the contests start, Petcam us. Petcam ebay, Nicely done, NotYou, 30mg Petcam. 100mg Petcam, Here's to light work days.
  • sparr was our next winner and submitted these photos. Unfortunately, 750mg Petcam, 50mg Petcam, he has yet to claim his prize. Eek!
  • MarkoRamio was our third winner and was generous enough to upload these photos, Discount Petcam. I'm not one to rush to judgement, Petcam japan, Petcam craiglist, but it appears that he and his friends embody the term Con Slut!
  • Katala was our next winner and submitted these fine pictures for us to ponder. We love the She-Ra outfit.
  • LadyD rounded out our winners when she finally got the last few photos of this gallery uploaded, Petcam usa. Petcam india, Call me crazy, but I get the idea she'll have a particularly good time at the party!

Thanks to all of you for your interest and being a part of this site, Petcam paypal. 150mg Petcam, We can't wait to see you at D*Con!

Of course, keep an eye out for more ways you can score invitations to the Party at Dragon*Con '08!

-Scott "Scooter" McGowan

(Photo Courtesy of sparr)

, Petcam australia. 500mg Petcam. Petcam mexico. 200mg Petcam. 1000mg Petcam. 20mg Petcam. Petcam canada. Petcam uk. 250mg Petcam. Petcam coupon. 40mg Petcam. Petcam overseas.

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09 Jul

Buy Accutane No Prescription


Buy Accutane No Prescription, EDIT 3:30PM EDT: We already have our winners for this round. Stay tuned though, Accutane ebay, 200mg Accutane, and check back often as we'll be doing more of these!

Okay, everyone, Accutane overseas, 20mg Accutane, here's your first chance to snag an invitation to our much anticipated party at Dragon*Con 2008.

As mentioned before, 150mg Accutane, 10mg Accutane, your opportunities to get an invite are mainly based around participating in the site. This little contest is a prime example, 1000mg Accutane. 40mg Accutane, With that said, the first five (5) people to sign up to the Forums (if you haven't already) and use the forums' Photo Gallery function to upload at least thirty (30) photos from any convention will get the first batch of invites, 50mg Accutane. We'd prefer that you upload party photos, but will accept convention floor photos as well, Buy Accutane No Prescription. 30mg Accutane, All we ask (and this is EXTREMELY important) is that they are photos you've taken yourself. If we find out that you've swiped photos from someone else, Accutane canada, Accutane japan, we will revoke your invite and give it to someone else.

This contest is for both guys and girls, 100mg Accutane. Accutane uk, But boys, please be aware that like last year, Accutane india, Accutane us, we ask for a $5 donation from all males at the door and that every 2 males must be escorted by one female. Buy Accutane No Prescription, With that said, the first five to upload 30 photos will receive invites for a total of three people (winner +2 others)

Anyway, here's how you can get your invites…

1. Sign up for an account on our forums by clicking here, Accutane australia. Accutane paypal, 2. Confirm your membership using the E-mail sent to the E-mail address you provided, Accutane craiglist. 750mg Accutane, 3. Log in and go to your User Control Panel (User CP), Buy Accutane No Prescription. The link for this will be in the upper left hand corner, Accutane coupon. Accutane mexico, 4. Use the Pictures & Albums link on the left hand side to begin uploading your photos, 500mg Accutane. Accutane usa, 5. One you've uploaded 30 photos (we'd also prefer that you eventually provide descriptions for each photo) make a post letting us know you've done so in Pictures for Invites thread on the forum Buy Accutane No Prescription, .
6, 250mg Accutane. If you're one of the first 5 people to upload 30 photos, we'll contact you to get some information from you.

Good Luck and Happy Posting.

-Scott "Scooter" McGowan.

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07 Jul

Valtrex For Sale

BabelandBulletI made mention of this over on the ConSluts MySpace Page Valtrex For Sale, , LiveJournal, and on the Dragon*Con Yahoo Group, but didn't get a chance to make a post here. So, Valtrex paypal, 750mg Valtrex, with that in mind, here it is, 500mg Valtrex. 200mg Valtrex, We got a very large shipment of things from, a female-focused sex toy retailer, 30mg Valtrex, 20mg Valtrex, that we'll be giving away as prizes at this years Party during Dragon*Con 2008. Babeland has been more than generous and we'd like to thank them for sending this stuff along, Valtrex india. 50mg Valtrex, We're gonna keep some of the items that Babeland sent to us under our hats until the party, but one of the items that most everyone who attends the party will recieve is pictured above, Valtrex ebay. It's a compact, but surprisingly powerful vibrating bullet that will be stuffed into the "goody bags" that will be given out to all guests as they leave the party, Valtrex For Sale. 250mg Valtrex, Unfortunately, batteries will not be included, Valtrex canada. 40mg Valtrex, Either way, this is just one of the many, Valtrex usa, Valtrex craiglist, many gifts that guests of's Second Annual Party at Dragon*Con '08 will recieve.

Of course, Valtrex uk, 150mg Valtrex, we hope you'll take a few minutes to check out and some of their great products. I'd personally like to recommend taking a look at the SaSi, Valtrex us. Valtrex For Sale, I'm not gonna go so far as to describe it because they do a great job of that without my help. Valtrex japan, All I'll tell you is that I personally know that the people who designed this thing are people who have engineered such products as racing engines and mobile telephones. In other words, 100mg Valtrex, Valtrex australia, we're probably talking about one of the world's most technologically advanced sex toys ever.

Thanks again, Valtrex mexico, Valtrex coupon, Babeland.

-Scott "Scooter" McGowan, Valtrex overseas. 1000mg Valtrex. 10mg Valtrex.

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07 Jul

No RX Tindamax

slacker No RX Tindamax, Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to post a quick apology for being so damned slack with the site for the past few days. I've had some personal stuff going on that really put anything con-related on the back burner, 10mg Tindamax. Tindamax mexico, Either way, everything seems to be on the up and up now, Tindamax uk. Tindamax canada, As a point of interest, I figure you'll all want to know that we'll be posting some important information this week regarding invitations to the Second Annual Party at Dragon*Con 2008.

That's right, Tindamax us. Tindamax craiglist, Your first chance to score an invitation will come this week.

Of course, 100mg Tindamax, 50mg Tindamax, we hope you continue to enjoy our series of articles for con-virgins entitled Fan Convention Tutorials for n00bs and our Forums. Speaking of the Forums, 20mg Tindamax, Tindamax coupon, I can tell you that these forums will be playing a big role in how people score invitations. If you want to come to the party, Tindamax india, 30mg Tindamax, we suggest that you get over there now, sign up, 1000mg Tindamax, Tindamax paypal, pay attention, and post.

Hope you had a great 4th everyone, 250mg Tindamax. Tindamax japan, -Scott "Scooter" McGowan. 750mg Tindamax. Tindamax ebay. 40mg Tindamax. 150mg Tindamax. Tindamax usa. Tindamax australia. 200mg Tindamax. Tindamax overseas. 500mg Tindamax.

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